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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Help finding online store!

Hi fellow muslimah bloggers. I have been on so many blogs that I dont know where I last seen a website I was very interested in and forgot to bookmark.

 The blogger referred to it as the muslim's girl H&M or something similiar to that and they were very affordable and I believe its a new store.  They sell muslimah clothing but not just abaya's, like reguler clothing and hijabs.  If anyone knows what Iam talking about please let me know.  

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blog police seriously on duty!

Ok so I have been holding my tongue for sometime about this. I have been having so much fun blogging but sheesh I am sick of people leaving negative comments on bloggers page about the contents of their blogs. I have noticed this sooo much on my muslimah sisters page. I have seen it on all the blogs i frequent. I mean beautiful muslimah is almost harassed! I personally love her blog AND Naeemahs blog and Yasmins blog and Aalia's blog and the hijabblog and I can go on and on..... Now, I am very opinionated and out spoken and I do not mind the same for other. But telling someone what he or she should blog or shouldn't blog about is just ridiculous. Or just being nasty in general about a bloggers post Here is a tip, if you dont like the bloggers choice of topics,post,or what not, then DONT VISIT!!!!!!!! I mean its not rocket science. I am not saying that you cant disagree with people,offer suggestions or advice not asked for, or simply state your opinion. But thats not what i have noticed. I have seen soooo many blogs where someone is actually telling them what they should or shouldn't talk about or focus on, or what hijabs they should should post.I mean this is totally taking the fun out of blogging. I thought this was a place where one could go and post random thoughts or whatever. Some post are significant others are just venting. Whatever the case, I always love the fact that go to all the different websites and see what people have on their mind whether I agree or not. This post was not directed towards anyone in particular ( I know your laughing naeemah:) But seriously guys lets respect each other and not be so bossy and judgmental. Allah (swt) can only do this. Lighten up everyone!

I just have a question for all my muslimah sisters out there striving to stay on the right path.How do you do it?? How do you manage for those living in a western culture which doesnt really doesnt support an islamic culture.I am a new muslimah and i am loving islam..however.. I feel really bad for the things in the quran that I take as true, anything from allah I take as true,I just have somethings I do not understand..Mainly muslim men being able to have more than one wife. I understand why this was originally but i wonder is there a need for it know. Is there any other muslim sisters out there with this same problem? I know its halal to marry more than one wife but honestly when I do get married I want to be my husbands only wife. Is that asking for to much and am I unrealistic to think this way. I ask allah everyday for the maturity one needs to understand this situation. Can any sisters out there reading this share this experience with marriage and if they would be ok with multiple wives,if there current or past husbands had multiple wives, and or if their father had multiple wives. I feel disloyal to islam which is my chosen religion that I am happy and proud of but this one thing scares me to death! I know it may be a possibility one day and I hope to be able to grow and read my quran and understand it and the hadith says. What if a wife doesn't agree to a co wife? Does her opinion matter? Maybe its not that bad, I dont know any muslim sisters who share their husband but I dont know many sisters at all so maybe its a lot more common than i think. Also earrings and makeup. I have been hearing lots of mixed debates on these topics. Is it wrong to have your hijab pushed back enough to show your earrings? Is is wrong to wear makeup? Is it wrong to socialize with your family and friends who are not muslims during their holidays? With christmas and thanksgiving coming up, I find myself in this funny place. I am now muslim.Iam happy about it but my family is not muslim and they will be celebrating the holidays I grew up with. I am soo unsure about how to handle this.. Hijab is something Allah commands of us and i am not in a position to question him. I do miss wearing my hair sometimes. Am i wrong? i feel like a traitor typing it and I ask for all that read this blog not judge but offer whatever advise they have for a new muslimah. I am trying my hardest sisters,i am still struggling with something though and just needed to get some stuff off my chest. Sometimes i just wonder if i will be able to be a good muslimah because even though I am trying my hardest, every time i do some research I learn of something else I am doing and should stop,eg. fingernail polish.. I didn't know that! Inshallah I will be fine and continue to stay the course and learn and become a better muslimah. These are just some honest thoughts from a new muslimah.

Random thoughts

I am enjoying my first weekend of being able to totally just veg out and blog,read,watch tv,sleep, cool and do whatever I want!!! I start my next block in for school and monday and I am loving this weekend off! I really wish I had muslimah friend to go to the masjid with and just sit around and experiment with hijabs. All my muslimah friends are through blogging,lol, which alhamdullilah Iam grateful for. I have to get better with making my 5 daily prayers and becoming stronger in my deen. I plan to take some arabic classes next summer and I understand a lot when I am listening to podcast in arabic or listening to people talk but I dont know any written arabic. Inshallah I will meet more muslim sisters in the future,inshallah.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Muslimah Sisters and Hijab

To all my muslimah sisters out there who are reverts,or those who were born muslim, I am just interested to know how long have you been muslim and how long did it take you to wear hijab,niqab,ect (If you currently wear one) and how did your families respond??

All feedback is appreciated. Shukrain!
I will start with myself. I have been muslim for a few months and I have studied Islam for 2 years. I currently wear hijab sometimes but I have yet to commit to fully wearing it everytime I leave the house. Inshallah I will be able to do this soon for the pleasure of Allah.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Overwhelmed and just plain tired

Is is just me or is the days getting shorter and shorter?? I can never manage to check off all of the things I need to do in any given day anymore and its scary because I use to be so good at time management but as I get older instead of improving I feel as If Iam taking steps back. Maybe I just have too much on my plate and being a new muslimah all I want to do is read about Islam but there are other things that must be done so in the end something suffers and currently its my school work. I am currently working on my pharm.D (doctorate in pharmacy) and its my third degree so you would think I would have this school thing down pack and I did for many years but lately I dont know whats has got into me. I spend way to too much reading others blogs ( Im literally fascinated by them) and I spend my time learning about Islam,but I am not spending enough time on my school work and its showing. Inshallah I can get my act together before its too late but at the moment I am simply not motivated. oh yeah I spend way to much time watching msnbc bc I am a politics junkie and I have to stay abreast of the current affairs but I need to be studying!!!! Alhamdullilah I have gotten this far but I need to get it together. Its kinda scary because its rare for me to be in the mode, I am so the definition of type A personality and its not showing right now. Inshallah I will get on the right path and perform well on my huge exam this upcoming friday. Inshallah :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Salaam, I haven't been blogging much this week due to the my school demands. This was was Eid alhamdulliah, and I didn't feel I could celebrate much due the insane amount of school work I had. This morning I had a huge exam which I honestly do not feel I performed well as I should. This is because I did find myself preoccupied with all that was going on for Ramadan and Eid. It wasn't until this week that I really understood how it must feel to be muslim in America. Raised christian I have always celebrated christmas and there is no bigger holiday in America. EVERYTHING shuts down to honor this time and to make it easier to participate in all the festivities. There is no school, work is shut down, malls are closed, you name it. All of these things help you to be able to just enjoy the time,spend time with family and friends,eat, pray,and just relax. However, this week was the opposite of those things for me. I was unable to really sit back and enjoy my first Eid. I couldnt attend the Eid prayer because I had a mandatory class and then I also had a huge exam this morning, that although I did take the day off on Tuesday to celebrate, I paid for it big time. My point is that nothing stopped all around you to allow you to stop and focus on this special time truly means, and that is disappointing to me..I know I may be just complaining but Its just kinda said for Muslims in America, how are biggest holiday is so disregarded. Inshallah next year will be different for me as I will try to plan better in advance so that I can be able to partake in all of the things this wonderful time offers.


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