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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Mubarak!!!!

Salaams everyone and blessed's finally here,alhamdullilah! Tomorrow will be my first day of fasting and I think I will wake up for fajr and make waffles and fruit with orange juice. I hate to admit it but I will probably go back to sleep since it's saturday.However, I will make my prayer and read Quran first. I hope everyone has a great first day fasting!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation and apartment idea's.

Salaams sisters, I have been blogging so sporadically lately. I dont have that much to blog about but I wanted to update you on whats been going on. Im in the process of doing somethings to my apartment. I have been in it for 2 weeks and Im getting it painted and the carpets clean. Right now, its earth tones, but I want to change it. Im thinking of getting dupioni silk drapes for the living room and my bedroom. I want to put some cool shelves up and add some plants and pictures. I am getting a new bedroom bedding collection. Below are some ideas. Im getting this shelve from crate and barrel.

I am getting this new mac desktop next week. I have a macbook but I get tired of being on a laptop all the time so I cant wait!

I love this brown set above and thats my bedroom furniture, so this is exactly how it would look.
This one is awesome too! I just love that gray.
I like this black and white set a lot.
I really really really love this purple set and I definitely considering this one. So first my management company will come in and paint and clean the carpets. Then my dad will put my shelves and curtains up. My mom,sis, and I will hit up bed bath beyond,crate and barrel and target next weekend. Like I mentioned,I want to buy some plants,I shelves,art work, new bedding, new bathroom stuff, and a few things for my office. I have been in my place for 2 years and Im ready for a change.

Bahama's trip update.......

The sushi above is from my recent trip to the bahama's. There was a sushi bar on boat. yummy. I went to the bahama's last week and as we were sailing, I was looking at all the water and thinking Allah is awesome! I mean, we marvel at space shuttles and things that man has made that true were ingenious, but more INGENIOUS is all that Allah has provided us with.NATURE. things like the ocean and stars and sky,alhamdullilah! So yes, I had a wonderful time on my cruise other than my sunburnt face. LOL. The bahama's was nice too. We took tours, went to atlantis,saw the big aquarium, did some shopping, a whole lot of eating and just had a good girls weekend away. Alhamdullilah. We got henna in the bahama's at this cool little henna shop. We had a blast! Now Im back and vacation is over and its time to get back on track. I really needed to get away because now that Im back, I feel so rejuvenated and ready to work hard at school insha'allah. Here are a few pics.

This was my yummy breakfast of waffles,fruit, hash brown, and chicken sausage.
This is when the cruise left miami and we were pulling out of the port.
More pictures of miami

Its so hot here to day, maybe 92 degrees. This has been the coolest (temperature) summer that I can remember. Summer is winding down for and its time to get ready to school and more importantly ramadan which is quickly approaching. I cant believe its almost mid august.Wow how time is flying. I hope everyones ramadan preparations are coming along nicely... I dont have much to report new. Just winding down.


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