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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Salaams everyone, I am soo excited! My order from star scarves arrived and I love my new hijabs. I ordered then sunday night( last week) and they arrived on thursday (though I just opened the package today), which is pretty fast for free shipping. Take a look below:

The only thing not pictured is the pink ribbon hijab pin, which is actually my favorite item. Its gorgeous,put for some reason it wouldnt clip to polyvore so oh well. Iam very happy with my purchase for the most part. I ordered 9 items total and my price was $101.91, not bad at all. I am finally learning the names of all the different styles, for example, the light pink hijab is a kuwaiti/mona hijab. My friend from Palestine just brought me back 4 scarves too, a pretty flowered green hijab,a orange and white silk hijab, a turqouise hijab and a magenta hijab, so all in all this week I got 9 new hijabs!!!!!!!!! Alhamdullilah!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Muslimah Goody Bag

Salaams ladies. Today I had such an amazing day. I hung out with my future sil and we had a blast. We went to this islamic bookstore,halal grocery store and a lebanese restuarant. Although I didnt order it i finally saw the dish Schwarma that everyone talks about. I ordered chicken and rice with salad and french fries and it was sooo yummy. I purchased some wonderful books masha'allah and I hope to share what I learn with you all insha'allah.

Islamic Verdicts on the pillars of islam vol 1 and vol 2.Vol 1: creed and prayer and vol.2: prayer,zakat,fasting,
and hajj

Great Women in Islam by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar

I also purchased a prayer rug, straight pins for my hijab,kohl, a miswack, and a little book i can keep in my purse called daily and occasional du'a.

In addition, I purchased some gyro meat,rice,seasonings, and a few other items from halal grocery store.

Overall It was a wonderful day Masha'allah!! I also recently purchased several new hijabs and 2 hijab pins, which I am anxiously waiting to arrive any day and Insha'allah I will post pics of those items as well. Its so different hanging out with muslimah's versus my other friends. My future SIL wears abaya and niqab so being around her really makes me conscious of my appearance and actions and I love this. She makes me adore hijab and all the girly things a muslimah can veg out on.I could have spent a million dollars in the bookstore!! I mean they had everything!!!!!! Books and books and books, videos, cd's,hijabs,abayas, paintings, and more. Everything islamic!! A girls dream!! I bought the hijab pins,kohl and miswak stick from there also. I am sooo pumped about the little dua book I bought for my purse, how perfect! I cant wait to read and share will you all everything I learn and on that note.. Iam off to read so I will write more later!! Salaams!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hijabi in the pharmacy day 2

So I wore hijab to the pharmacy today, this was a different site than yesterday. I got a few compliments on how pretty I looked and I wondered did they think I was just making a fashion statement?? Eventually someone said to me " are you muslim?" and I said yes even though I think its inappropriate to ask me this. He then replied, I would have never know. This was such a wake up call to me and it made me feel horrible. I dont know exactly what he meant by it and he didnt say it mean or anything but still, he was surprised that I was a muslim. This made me think a lot about my behavior and how I carry myself. Am I carrying myself like a muslimah even when I do not wear hijab? Perhaps thats the significance of wearing hijab because it makes you be in remembrance of Allah (s.w.t.) at all times. When I am in hijab I do carry myself in a different manner, I watch my words,what I watch on tv,or what music I listen, I watch myself to avoid backbitting and participating in useless gossip and more. I am seriously having a rude awakening this week. I can admit that when I am in hijab I am a overall better person. Alhamdullilah the light bulb has finally turned on!!! However sisters, this doesnt mean I dont miss my hair sometimes. I think the key to being a successful hijabi is having confidence. Something I didnt have before when I wore hijab and it was like a hardship on me. But this week I have woken up excited about wearing hijab and I even ordered $100 worth of scarves and pins and undercaps from a store called star scarves?? I will post more about that later. I feel so different this week.Proud to be muslim,proud to have on my scarf. This is the firs time I have felt this. Make duas for me that this continues and I continue to wear hijab. Salaams

Monday, March 23, 2009

A day in the pharmacy
A day in the pharmacy - by Inspired Muslimah on

This is pretty much what I wore to my internship at the pharmacy today...and I wore hijab too!!! Alhamdullilah today is the first day I ever wore it at my internship.My coworkers and patients were all nice, no smirks or comments or staring. I guess I assumed because I have a large jewish clientele that it may be problematic but everyone was pleasant. I made my intentions to wear it to work all week and when I woke up this morning I made my prayers and went to work. I am tired of being a coward. Alhamdullilah today was a nice day!!! Allah Akbar!! I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I am at a different site tomorrow so I will keep you guys posted with the details but today is the first day I wore hijab and I didnt feel forced it actually felt right...can I be on to something??? Time will tell. I am not sure what came over me but lately I have just wanted to start wearing it constantly. Make duas for me as you know I have struggled with this in the past. I downloaded the quran reader to my iphone and now in my idle time instead of surfing the web I try to read a few verses of quran...just to keep me in remembrance of Allah at all times. I guess I am tired of struggling with these things and maybe Allah is answering my prayers to make it easier on me. Alhamdullilah!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off to work

Off to work
Off to work - by Inspired Muslimah on

I love those shoes and how cute is the outfit for a day at the office? Cute and functional is my type of style.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I absolutely love this abaya! So much I think I have to order it. I also love those multicolor do I love shoes! I never get sick of new shoes....I liked both pair and I am leaning towards the multicolor wedges but which ones do you prefer??

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I miss blogging.

WOW so salaams everyone, its has been way to long.I will quickly update you with whats going on with me. I went to NYC and had a blast. We went to a bunch of cool( but expensive :( ) restaurants and I did a bunch of shopping. I was gone for an entire week and I stayed in 3 different hotels ( long story). I had soo much but at the end of the trip I was ready to come home. Too much living out of a suitcase! I came back to cold weather and lots of school and it was hard to deal with so I have been down.....but alhamdullilah, the sun has been out all week and the weather has been beautiful and my mood has improved substantially. I need help increasing my deen which has been teetering and I need to read more quran and put more time into islam. I am sure this is what is lacking in my life. I feel soo much better when I am learning or listening quran and I have been so busy I have neglected my islamic studying. I had to wake up early this morning and let me tell you, losing that hour of sleep really kicked my butt!!! The good news is that now it will be light until about 730, so thats awesome. I wanted to go to tanning today but today went by so fast, I didnt get a chance,maybe tomorrow. I went to work and then came to my parents for dinner and now my mom is making brownies.....yummy....I will eat dessert, watch my sunday night tv shows and then drive home. I am tempted to sleep here because Iam soo tired but since I am soo tired I really want my comfy pillowtop mattress... I will see you soon...I cant wait to catch up with the blog world and sorry I havent been commenting. I love you all for the sake of Allah.


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