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" The originator of the heavens and earth! When He decreeth a thing,He saith unto it only: Be! and it is.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eid Mubark Everyone

Eid Mubarak sisters. I know I havent posted anything in like forever. Totally overwhelmed with school. I havent had much time for blogging. Im totally looking forward to winter break in 2 weeks to have to reorganize my blog and just catch up in general. I love reading everyones blogs and the good news is, since I havent been reading lately, I have so much to look forward too. I just need some time to catch up and get my life in order, I swear, I dont even have time to keep dentist appts, ect. I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful Eid, inshallah, we will all continue to all increase our deen, alhamdullilah!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have missed you all!

Salaams everyone, sorry I havent posted in forever! I wanted to concentrate on school and It worked bc I rocked my course!!! But I will be back posting tonight or tomorrow,insha'allah

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramadan Update

Salaams everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful ramadan insha'allah! Im having a good one. I have been very busy with school, so I havent been blogging lately. I will be back blogging more regularly after ramadan is over. As of now my days are really pretty busy. It starts with sahor and fajr first thing in the morning.Then I go to school for most of the day, come home study for a bit, cook iftar, then study some more and Im off to bed. Not exciting what so ever. I havent even been to any iftar's this whole ramadan! Its ok I guess. There really isnt the time. I pretty much just have time to pray,eat,and go to school. LOL. Salaams

Inspired Muslimah

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Mubarak!!!!

Salaams everyone and blessed's finally here,alhamdullilah! Tomorrow will be my first day of fasting and I think I will wake up for fajr and make waffles and fruit with orange juice. I hate to admit it but I will probably go back to sleep since it's saturday.However, I will make my prayer and read Quran first. I hope everyone has a great first day fasting!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation and apartment idea's.

Salaams sisters, I have been blogging so sporadically lately. I dont have that much to blog about but I wanted to update you on whats been going on. Im in the process of doing somethings to my apartment. I have been in it for 2 weeks and Im getting it painted and the carpets clean. Right now, its earth tones, but I want to change it. Im thinking of getting dupioni silk drapes for the living room and my bedroom. I want to put some cool shelves up and add some plants and pictures. I am getting a new bedroom bedding collection. Below are some ideas. Im getting this shelve from crate and barrel.

I am getting this new mac desktop next week. I have a macbook but I get tired of being on a laptop all the time so I cant wait!

I love this brown set above and thats my bedroom furniture, so this is exactly how it would look.
This one is awesome too! I just love that gray.
I like this black and white set a lot.
I really really really love this purple set and I definitely considering this one. So first my management company will come in and paint and clean the carpets. Then my dad will put my shelves and curtains up. My mom,sis, and I will hit up bed bath beyond,crate and barrel and target next weekend. Like I mentioned,I want to buy some plants,I shelves,art work, new bedding, new bathroom stuff, and a few things for my office. I have been in my place for 2 years and Im ready for a change.

Bahama's trip update.......

The sushi above is from my recent trip to the bahama's. There was a sushi bar on boat. yummy. I went to the bahama's last week and as we were sailing, I was looking at all the water and thinking Allah is awesome! I mean, we marvel at space shuttles and things that man has made that true were ingenious, but more INGENIOUS is all that Allah has provided us with.NATURE. things like the ocean and stars and sky,alhamdullilah! So yes, I had a wonderful time on my cruise other than my sunburnt face. LOL. The bahama's was nice too. We took tours, went to atlantis,saw the big aquarium, did some shopping, a whole lot of eating and just had a good girls weekend away. Alhamdullilah. We got henna in the bahama's at this cool little henna shop. We had a blast! Now Im back and vacation is over and its time to get back on track. I really needed to get away because now that Im back, I feel so rejuvenated and ready to work hard at school insha'allah. Here are a few pics.

This was my yummy breakfast of waffles,fruit, hash brown, and chicken sausage.
This is when the cruise left miami and we were pulling out of the port.
More pictures of miami

Its so hot here to day, maybe 92 degrees. This has been the coolest (temperature) summer that I can remember. Summer is winding down for and its time to get ready to school and more importantly ramadan which is quickly approaching. I cant believe its almost mid august.Wow how time is flying. I hope everyones ramadan preparations are coming along nicely... I dont have much to report new. Just winding down.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Preparations for ramadan

As salamu alaiykum sisters, ramadan is approaching with lightening speed! We are already in the month of shaban,alhamdullilah. I would like to start preparing myself for this wonderful spiritual cleansing we are blessed to participate in alhamdullilah. I have been muslim for a year and so when ramadan rolled around last year, I hadnt quite embraced all aspects of islam such as hijab and modesty. Since then I have come very far and I now observe hijab although I can admit this summer hasnt been easy. School starts for me in a few weeks and Im nervous how I will be received. There are a lot of muslimahs at my school but only one wears hijab. However, insha'allah I can overcome my fears and do whats right to please Allah (s.w.t). I will start preparing for ramadan by fasting twice weekly until it actually begins. This way I can feel how long an actual day of fasting is since ramadan falls in the summer months. Secondly, I will visit the muslim bookstore/all purpose store. I want to buy many things that remind me of islam and decorate the house. I have a den which I use as a office but I will put out my prayer rugs and turn it into a prayer room. I will research a masjid to attend for some of the taraweeh prayers and insha'allah get a friend to join me since I admit I dont feel all the way comfortable in the masjid, you can read about my last experience here. I know we are suppose to read the whole quran doing ramadan and I am looking for suggestions on how best to do this. Sisters, do you devise a plan, or do you just read a little every night in sequential order? Im not sure how to tackle this but this is why its important to start preparing for ramadan now. Get all your ducks in a row. My future SIL and I are planning an Eid sleepover at a hotel. We plan on getting a suite, and having a Eid celebration and halaqa all in 1. There will be quran reading,lots of good food, henna, and scarves and accessories for sale and to practice with. Im excited because I didnt quite get in the spirit last ramadan. I wasnt around any other muslims, I didnt wear my hijab all day (just when praying) and I didnt attend a single iftar! Hopefully, insha'allah this ramadan will be much different. I will start getting together recipes and ideas that I would like to try. I will also try them out in advance so that when ramadan is here, I dont spend all my time in the kitchen experimenting and can spend more time praying insha'allah. Other preparations include planning my very first iftar here at my apartment. I know a few sisters who I can invite and Im looking forward to doing this! I will have to plan very well for this ramadan, as it falls during a really tough block in school. However, school would not be possible without Allah and fasting and participating in ramadan is the least I can do but also is mandatory as it is one of the 5 pillars of islam. I plan to post actively during the month of ramadan to share my experience with others and document what an amazing spiritual revelation Im having. Im sooooo excited subhanallah!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ten things about me.

I have the honor of being tagged by M.J. from A Muslim Wife, NeverEver, and Umm Travis, so here its goes.....TEN THINGS ABOUT INSPIRED MUSLIMAH!

After listing 10 things about yourself all true but unknown,link back to the person who tagged you (see above) and tag 10 people and let them know them know they have been tagged as well!

Here we go.

1. Iam very short.....4'11 to be exact.LOL

2.I just had my 1 year anniversary since my revert to Islam ( July 20,2009, alhamdullilah)

3. I have always loved school and school supplies, so much that Im working on my 3rd degree ( Doctorate of Pharmacy) and Im crazy about going back to school shopping at office max to get pens,planners, ect. Im soo type A personality.

4.I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I have to clean my apartment from top to bottom daily, and I must vacuum before I leave the house,no matter what. I have to come home to a vacuumed house. Its a must.

5. I want to have 4 children,insha'allah. I love kids and I cant wait to be a wife and mother. Its taking longer than I had anticipated.....sigh.

6. Im addicted to starbucks,a 5 pump vanilla,5 pump chai,soy no water chai to be exact.

7. I am a bookworm, I absolutely love to read,read,read!! When I was a little, I use to check out 20 books at a time,until My parents restricted me to 5 at a time.

8.My sister and I are born on the same day,4 years apart!! My dad took her to the mall to buy her shoes (at 4 she loved shoes!) to keep her busy since her party was cut short by the birth of her baby sis, Moi!

9. If I had time to go back to school for another degree,it would be in history since thats actually my favorite subject.

10. I am addicted to sweets: candy,cakes,you name it, although Im lucky because Im still a size 2.

I tag:

M.J. from a Muslim wife
Empress Anisa from thoughts of a barefoot empress
Ange from Hegab Rehab
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Salaams,its been a while.

Salaams everyone, Im sorry I havent posted anything new in a while. I have been sick and soo busy with work lately but I have missed blogging so much! Not much new going on in my world. In 2 weeks Im going on a cruise to the bahama's and Im soo excited for a vacation,alhamdullilah! I even looked up some masjids in the bahama's and hopefully I will get a chance to visit them. I have been to the bahama's already but I am excited to go back. The shopping and aquarium in Atlantis are awesome and there is a lot to do. It should be a good trip,nice and relaxing and exactly what I need. After this trip, I plan to start preparing for ramadan, which is not that far away, isnt that something!! I cant believe its almost that time of the year again and I plan on it being a better one that last year for me. I am improving my deen and insha'allah I will be a better muslimah this upcoming ramadan. I plan to do lots of studying and reading to get prepared and I plan on buying a really nice abaya for Eid. WOW, that sounds crazy to be talking about outfits for Eid already. Whew! Where did the year go??? Alhamdullilah, we survived another year.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today is my birthday :)

Salaams everyone, today is my bday. Im not doing much, just relaxing at my parents house. Ironically enough, its my sisters bday too. We were born on the same day 4 years apart, isnt that weird?? People always ask me does it bother me and I always say ofcourse not,for one, I dont know any other way and besides I love my sis to death, there is no one I'd rather share it with. So Im just chilling on the deck, listening the water from the fountain and thanking Allah (s.w.t) for blessing me with another year. Salaams. Here are some pics I just took. Im just sitting here, as you can see in the pics, and Im thanking Allah for all the blessings I have in my life. Its has been rough year for me ( only by my standards because everyone says Im spoiled, nothing major has happened) and Im starting to feel better about things and about life alhamdullilah.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A look at city sisters

Salaams sisters, I just wanted to share a little about info with you all today about a show that comes on the islam channel called city sister. Unfortunately here in the states we dont have this channel, actually Im not sure what countries do but how lucky are those who can take advantage of the islam channel. The website has so much cool info, alhamdullilah! I have seen city sisters posted on a few other muslimah websites but I bet there is a lot of sisters who dont know about it. City sisters is a show that comes on the islam channel weekly and group of muslimahs sit around and discuss issues such as islam, women in islam, hijab,family,fashion, recipes,ramadan and more. The awesome thing is even if you dont have this channel, you can watch the vid's online at their website.

Here is a video called revert special that deals with issues concerning converting to islam,
for newbies like me :)) Part 1&2

Here is video about preparing for ramadan Part 1&2:

Here is a video about becoming a mom for the first time ( M.J.- This is for you :) Part 1&2

Alhamdullilah these ladies do a wonderful job masha'allah on educating us muslimah on many different topics. You can go to their website and find many more cool vid's on a variety of topics. I hope you all found these interesting and as useful as I.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I think this dress is sooo cute for a nice summer occasion such as a wedding. With the matching magenta scarf and cami, you can be cute, comfortable and in hijab. I heart those juicy couture gladiator much I think I have to find them! I love the dress too, sooo pretty and glam. I love pink!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Back

Salaams all my sisters in islam. Im Back.LOL. I have taken a much needed break from life, blogging, work and everything else. Prior to my vacation, I had been working a lot of hours and finishing a rough semester in pharmacy school. Im earning my doctorate of pharmacy ( pharm.D) and I have to say I am quite sick of school. I did the traditional college thing and went right after highschool to get my bachelors and my masters. I am now finishing up the pharm.d and had plans to go to law school as well but enough is enough. Iam tired of school and Iam ready to begin the next phase of my life. Marriage and children,insha'allah. Its hard finding the right person for you, ya know? I think I may have found him but I also have many reservations, which is not a good sign to me. Anyhow, I have been extremley busy and I went to washington d.c for a week on vacation. I am in LOVE with that city and I will definitly be moving there after graduation. I think what attracts me the most is the diversity I see all around me. I have to say the best thing I see while there is Muslims everywhere!!! Alhamdullilah!!!!! I love it. I feel so comfortable there. When I am in the mall or something, particulary Tysons corner, I am amazed. Sisters everywhere!! I must have visited 7 muesuems and guess what else?? I was on my way to the holocust musuem the day of the shooting!!!! I was walking down the street towards it when all of sudden I start hearing all this commotion, cops everywhere, helicopters above. I find out there has been a shooting at the museum and I am speechless because I was on my way. All I can say is Allah Akbar. Wow, I felt terrible for the victim and blessed that Allah spared me from witnessing it. Even still I love D.C. Its so wonderful and when I feel my deen slipping it would help to have a nice muslim community to be a part of. I feel like an outcast here sometimes. Most of the sisters I see around town look very different from me...

Also sisters, do you ever go through bouts of depression and you wonder what you did to Allah to make him upset. I know this sounds silly but I have been having the roughest time lately. My parents blame themselves because they say by spoiling me when I was a child, I have a unrealstic view of life and to a certain extent this is true. I have never struggled financially,mentally, or emotionally and now I feel a mess all around. I was making such progress with my deen and trying to do the right thing with my hijab and prayers and I feel like my love actually got harder instead of easier, which is what I anticipated. I thought if i did right by Allah, Allah would do right by me. Now before you misunderstand me. I know everyday I wake up that Allah has done right by me and actually I can work all of my life being a good muslim and will never be able to repay Allah for all he has given me. Iam soo thankful and grateful for my life and I have a great one. I just feel as if I am having a lot of bad luck lately and Iam down about it. My future MIL has told me what I am going though is typical because she said Allah only test the Believer. Prior to reverting to Islam, life was good and easy. Since my conversation, I have gained so much knowlege alhamdullilah, but I also experience many hardships. I feel like shayton has made it his personal business to ruin my life and Iam like why me Allah??? I was really like starting to feel like things were going my way and now all of sudden my life is totally craZy, unorganized and I dont even know where to begin on damage control??!!!

Partially my blues come from the fact that my birthday is coming up and I think every year around my bday I start evaluating my life and I when I fall short of my goals, I am extremley hard on myself. I never thought I would still be not married and have no children. I know I have plenty of time ( Im not even 30 yet) but why do I feel like my clock is ticking?! Does anyone else have these concerns. Now that I am muslim, I feel like it will be harder to find a mate.Especially in the city Im in...Like I mentioned before, I guess I am engaged but I dont know if he is the one...

I know need to grow up and realize that everyone has it rough and its not personal. Allah loves me and this I know. I am not even close to where I need to be and honest I may have taken a few steps back. Make duas for me sisters because I have been to struggle with things I have never struggled with all my life. In my time of need when I should be running to Allah (s.w.t) I find myself running the opposite direction. Isnt this backwards??? Yes, I realize this.I am praying that I can get back on track, I am sure it wont be long. I mean dont worry, Iam not totally digressing.Like doing haraam things like drinking and stuff. I just have been slacking on my prayers ( NOT COOL) and other stuff.....well I think I have vented enough and I miss reading blogs and posting stuff, so Iam back!!!! I love you all for the sake of Allah :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love these colors, they both are sooo brilliant and really pop for the summer. I particulary like yellow, although a lot of people steer clear of it. It works really well on me, so I wear it a lot. I think the yellow looks soo cool with this teal dress,which is awesome. I love one shoulder dresses!!

What do you think?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

As salamu alaikum sisters, I found this article on the things you should support a new muslims on the sisters area of islam

1. You should give the new Muslim the feeling that Islam is a perfect religion, its source is divine, and it is totally inclusive. You have to emphasize that there is no truth but the truth of this religion.

2. You should clarify to the new Muslim that Islam erases every sin before it. Otherwise, he will keep thinking about his previous sins. You should make it clear for him that the moment he converted to Islam, his records became clean, and if he was Christian in the past, he will receive twice the reward from Allah. ( alhamdullilhah!!!)

3. Assure him that the only reference for Islam is quraan and sunnah, not the wrongdoings of Muslims. Only Qur’an and Sunnah can define what is right and what is wrong. Ok this one I personally love because all though I love my new family in islam (meaning brothers and sisters I meet) I feel as if they can be very judgmental and this can turn off those learning about islam. I know a few people who are sooo freaking judgmental and all I hear is this is not what to do and so on. I mean, call me crazy but just because we are muslim doesnt mean we know everything and everyone else knows nothing. It doesnt give us the right to judge and be so critical of others. I often hear people talking about whats true hijab and such but I guess although I wear proper hijab meaning my full head,ears,neck and chest are covered, I dont judge those I see who arent in correct hijab because, for one, its not for me judge.Dont get me wrong, giving advice or steering sister in the right is not being judgmental, Im referring to when its more than that.

4. Advise the new Muslim to read Qur’an, Hadith and Serah as often as possible.

5. Advise him to take care of his personal cleanness in all its types, (Ablution, Ghusl…etc.)

6. He should perform prayers in time, and you should point out the importance of praying in Gama’ah.

7. It is very important that the new Muslim lives in an Islamic environment. This will help him to obey Allah, mainly by keeping him away from sins, and wrongdoings. I think this one is very important and for those who are lucky enough to live in a islamic country, you are soo lucky alhamdullilah!! I can go a whole week with out recognizing another muslim :(

8. Take the new Muslim to a nearby mosque. It is better to have someone from the neighborhood accompanying him and following his progress. Ok, I can totally atest to this, see my post on my first experience at the masjid.

9. Let the Imam of the mosque know about this new Muslim, and remind the Imam to take special care of him.

10. Advise him to read and learn more about Islam. It is better if he can dedicate some of his time to do that, whether by himself, or with a group. I wish I had a group to learn with.

11. It is very important for the new Muslim to ask about everything he doesn’t know or can’t understand. He should try to contact scholars or at least ask anyone he trusts. So true,

12. Try to know about his financial status, and help him as much as possible to make him feel friendlier. It will be more encouraging to have his salary raised a little, if you are in a position to make that possible. I dont get this one. LOL

13. You should make it clear to him, that his conversion to Islam would cause him some problems. Allah is testing his faith by these problems. He can always handle these problems by referring to Qur’an and Sunnah.

14. You should emphasize the importance of Monotheism and Islamic belief basics. You can provide him with a book that explains these important things in a simple way.

15. Try to keep him away from his previous atmosphere, and to involve him in an environment that suits, and helps his development as a Muslim.

16. Try to engage him in some Islamic activities, and provide him with important books and recorded lectures. Yes, yes, I agree. I had the best time when my future sil and I went to this lebanese restaurant and to an islamic bookstore/everything store. I purchased sooo many cool islamic item, prayer gowns, prayer rugs, books on the deen, and much more. I say this is high on the list of things we as muslims should do with newcomers.

17. Try introducing him to group from his nationality. The communication between them will be easier; he can also have lessons with them.

18. He should feel that he is important and loved by everyone, because of his conversion to Islam. Giving him a gift would be a good start…

19. Make it clear to him that the problems he faces have occurred to every new Muslim, so they are expected. Try to follow-up with his problems, and help him solving them, so that he can handle them without doing something terribly wrong.

20. There should be a simple approach that helps him to learn Arabic language (reading and writing), In order to be able to read quran by himself and understand it. ( Iam currently learning to speak and read arabic, soo neat!!)

I just wish all the he's werent there and were replaced with he/her and him or her.

Other than that I thought this were wonderful tips to offer a new muslim. But I want to know what tips would offer to a new muslim,lets try to build on this list because Islam is overwhelming. I would love to meet a new muslim (though I am new myself) to help make the transition easier for them and to offer them encouraging words of advice.


Monday, May 4, 2009

To all my muslimah bookworms

Salaams, I dont know if any of my readers are bookworms like myself, but I love to read!!!!! I am currently reading A Thousand Spendid Suns by Khaled Hossieni. It is amazing and I will finish it tonight or tomorrow. I just started it this afternoon! Its sooo good. I read The Kite Runner ( by the same author) over the weekend and it was the BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!! Alhamdullilah, this author is excellent! I am also reading From My Sisters Lips, by Na'Ima B Robert, which is pretty good too. I love to read and I am always looking for suggestions. If there are any other muslimah bookworms out there, tell me what your reading!! Share your summer reading list with me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Salaams everyone and thanks for your comments and advice. Like many of you suggested I went to you tube first and I watch a couple videos. Now I realized what I had been doing wrong all along. The way you wear a square hijab:

1. Wear a cotton underscarf!! Everyone doesn't like to wear under-scarves but it makes wearing a square hijab (the silky kind) so much easier. You dont have to show the underscarf if you dont want to,you can cover it completely,but it makes the hijab not slip as much and stay secure.

2.Take the square hijab and fold it into a triangle. I will call each peak of triangle different letters, A and B.

3. Bring the hijab over your head and leave one side a little longer. Leave side A for example longer than side B.

4. Take the hijab and fold it in by your temples on both sides and then pin it underneath your chin with a safety pin. ( By folding it you will smooth it out so it lays to your head and face neatly)

5.Take the longer side B and wrap it around as far as it will go and pin it twice, one midway around and the back of your head and second pin it to where ever it ends when you wrap it around. Maybe near you collarbone.

6.Take the shorter side A and pin it to you shirt,this is great because it stays in place and looks nice.

Ta Da, your finished, However, I just re read this and it doesnt sound easy to do with out seeing pictures, so here is a video on you tube, made by another hijabi's, not me..


Monday, April 27, 2009

Salaams! Today I received a bunch of cool stuff in the mail,alhamdullilah! My order from starscarves arrived and they are officially my favorite place to order from! Its free shipping and its so fast,I ordered some scarves thursday evening and I received them this afternoon. I ordered 5 new hijabs! A yellow,red,turquoise, and grey pashmina and and a super cute navy,white,grey, and turquoise square hijab. I also order so colored push pens, they are so cute. Also, I received my Mastering Arabic book with 2 audio cd's. Alhadullilah! The book looks so cool and it teaches you everything and you use it with the cd's. The cool thing is it teaches you how to speak and write arabic,so I plan on getting through this book thoroughly and before ramadan begins in august..seems soon right?? So I really like the look of the pashmina scarf, they are both cute and stylish and functional and I have mastered the oblong shayla which is by far my favorite style but sometimes the scarfs I love only come in square and I cant wear this style right for some reason. I mean I can physically wear it but I dont really like how it looks on me. I have a few really cool scarves but they are square hijabs and 100% and I hate the way it lays around my face. First off, I am a little self conscious with hijab all together because I feel like I have a fat face( yes and I had'nt noticed till I wore hijab.. I suppose its been fat.LOL ) So on top of having a fat, face and being rather fair-skinned sometimes I feel like my face looks like a fat marshmallow. This may be a bit dramatic but thats why I like my scarf tied secure around my face. However,with these fancy shmancy polyester hijabs I end up looking ridiculus and I wanted to find a picture of a hijabi that looks like it,but ridiculing others isnt my style. So you just have to use your imagine. No matter how many pins I use I cant get the darn thing to lay right but I am a perfectionist so I will keep at it and let you know how it turns out. In the meantime, any tips are well appreciated!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My weekend

Salaams everyone and I hope everyone had a good weekend.I had a very nice one masha'Allah.Friday I went to my parents and spent the night.yesterday I went to get a trim and deep condition and I got a manicure and pedicure with my mom.We later (myself ,parents, sister and godson) went to this shopping area that has a lot of restaurants and things to do.we went to the bookstore,got gelato,went to anne taylor loft and went to the cheesecake factory. Btw Anne Taylor loft has some super cute spring and summer items and it's both affordable and hijabi friendly for a lot of the was a nice day. Today we cooked out because it was 85 and just enjoyed the weather.I was on another sisters blog and I learned of a channel called the islam channel,I am not sure who get it's,maybe London (lucky!!!) but anyhow they have a show called city sisters.the awesome thing is most of them are on you tube so if you don't get this network which I don't you can enjoy them on you's so awesome!! Sorry if there are many typos since i'm posting this via a text message on my iPhone.which is sooo near by the way! I had a good weekend and I hope you all did as well.I will post some episodes of city sisters and some cut stuff from Anne Taylor later.salaams :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Salaams sisters. Summer is approaching and although I converted to islam last july and it was still hot then, I had yet to wear hijab properly. Now that I do wear my hijab everyday the right way, I am so nervous about the upcoming summer season. I love clothes soo much but I love Allah more so I know I will do the right thing insha'allah but Im still nervous and on top of that I feel like I no longer have a fabulous wardrobe! It has been relatively easy to convert my late winter/early spring wardrobe into a hijabi wardrobe but there is no hope for my summer wardrobe. I have so many cute tanks and capris and dresses and I dont know what to do about them. I can wear cute cardigans with some stuff and now the search is on. I have to buy every cute little sweater I can find. I feel like I seriously need a little a thousand to get on the right track and I plan on investing a lot into my new wardrobe. I dont think I should have to give up feeling cute and comfortable just because Iam wearing hijab. I plan on going to the gap or express and buying a lot of cute long sleeve cotton shirts, and 3/4 sleeve tops. I have also seen some super cute long dresses that will be perfect with a cute cardigan. At least Iam cool in the shoe department. LOL. But I need to buy a ton more scarves, accesories,and hijabs. I really like starscarves because they are cute and affordable and get this...I am actually in the process of buying a..drumroll..ABAYA!!! Alhamdullilah for how far I have come and I have all my sisters to thank for giving me inspiration and letting me know I can do it. Blogging has been the best thing ever for me and I so glad I stumbled upon beautiful muslimah a year ago because blogging has really made my conversion to islam a lot easier. Well thats all for now. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Salaams and juma mubarak! yesterday I went to juma for the very first time alhamdullilah! However, I didnt leave feeling rejuvenated like I had expected too. I wasnt that comfortable sitting in a crowded room on the floor listening to the imam through speakers(The tv wasnt on for some reason). I found it hard to concentrate when I couldnt see the speaker. Secondly, there were children and they were talking and crying and crawling around and I found the whole thing chaotic. I use to attend church regularly and I came to rely on that spiritual rejuvenation at the end of the week. I want the same thing with islam except I didn't find it at juma at this particular masjid. Another thing was the vibe was not as friendly as I had hoped or expected. I asked this one sister where the sisters go to pray and she looked at me frustrated and said "what do you mean?" which obvious she knew what I meant. I said "can you show me where the sisters pray" and she says who sent you? I am like "no one sent me" and I walked away and found it myself. When it came time to pray I was praying and someone's toddler was LITERALLY playing with my toes which was distracting and I looked around like is someone going to get their child?? Then after the prayer this sister comes up to me and says "I noticed you looking around during the prayer and your not suppose to. Your suppose to look at the spot on the floor where you place your head." Im like" ok, Im a new muslim and I new to the masjid, thanks". She is like" oh Iam so happy for you alhamdullilah!!" and hugs me and turned out to be a nice sister but still Iam iffy on my whole experience.

Another thing I felt out of place maybe a bit is I felt too glamourous and I was just being myself but compared to all the other sisters in there I looked like I was going for a photo shoot and they looked like they were running errands. Everyone literally had on all types of stuff, scarves that didn't match ect. This is fine, Iam not judging them. Im saying because I was so different and all dressed up with bracelets, and 2 scarves wrapped in a new style I learned and my trench coat with 3/4 sleeves, and so fourth, I felt not overdressed but I definitely stood out. I guess because I blog so much and Im not around sisters very often, I had thought I was going to see a bunch of hijab fashionistas ( like the ones I see on my my muslimah blogs) and I didn't. I was the only one, so I felt awkward. I expected to see women looking all the polyvore sets we all create on our blogs. That was naive I suppose. I dont mean literally that glamorous but more than what I saw. It leads me to another point. Just because you have to wear a scarf doesnt mean you dont have to care about what you look like. I still take a lot of time coordinating my outfits and scarves and accessories everyday so that I feel pretty and confident when I go out and I think a lot of sisters who maybe have a lot going on like families and such give up on this . Lastly, I just thought of why the lady asked me who sent me. Maybe I looked like I had a scarf on but that I was doing journalist or someone there to observe for like a school project or something. I totally think thats what she thought!!!! LIGHTBULB!!!! ( remember how I said i stood out like a sore thumb)..HAHA THAT IS FUNNY! I will not give up on juma, I will just try another masjid next friday. :) salaams

Friday, April 17, 2009

Test email

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Since putting on my hijab a month or so ago, I have noticed such a difference in my life, the way I feel, the way I walk and carry myself, and the others treat me. I want to talk about all of my experiences on my blog and I have tons to share with you guys in my little month as a hijabi which by the alhamdullilah! I am feeling so comfortable and confident! The first part of my post will start with the sudden interest in my nationality.

Part 1: What I have noticed since wearing a hijab, regarding race and ethnicity

Salaams. Did you all notice when you started to wear hijab that people took more of an interest in you? Maybe its me but I am bombared with all kinda questions regarding my religion, race, and ethnicity. The funny thing it normally starts with someone asking me what country Im from and then I say guess. DO you know what the most responses are...drumroll please.....PALESTINIAN! LOL. this is followed by indian or just arabic. LoL. People are soo interested in my country. where you are from, when did you come to america. Keep in mind I do not have a accent of any sort. The funny thing is Iam black,irish, and native. No one ever guesses that.My mom is black and irish and looks more irish with her red hair and face full of freckles.I have some too and sandy brown hair. Before I wore hijab people always ask my sis and I are we mixed and usually they think spanish. Now with my hijab everyone thinks I middle eastern. My skin complexion looks like this muslimah, maybe a little lighter.

Ok the part that is annoying about the whole things is and maybe this is a stretch but people are utterly shocked when I tell them Iam black and irish. You can almost hear then wanting to say you dont act or talk black. Example, I helped this older couple the other day at the pharmacy and they were very sweet.

Customer: "honey are you are so sweet, we have been coming here for over 20 years and no one has ever went out of there way to help me and my wife like this."

Me: "its my pleasure, anytime".

Customer: "honey what country are you from?"

Me:" America,sir." (keep in mind I know what he's getting at)

Customer's wife: " No sweety he means originally?"

Me: " I was born and raised here, as well as my parents"

Them: "Well you are absolutely beautiful, soo pretty and so is your scarf."

Me: "Thanks thats so nice."

Them: "Whats your nationality or ethnicity?"

Me: "Im black and irish"

Them: (Utterly surprised) " Really I would have never guessed!! Well your still beautiful"

Me: Thanks?

My point is they were very sweet people and I appreciated the comments, I just feel like people are so surprised at what I really am and I wonder does it go beyond the skin complexion because black people can be light skinned too. LOL. I think its a combination of my features and mannerisms. I have always been called white girl by other black people due to the way I talk and my features. ( I have always hated this because what these ignorant people were saying in essence, is because I am polite and courteous and speak properly,I am white?) My point isnt to get into a racial debate here. My family is extremely mixed, I have many white aunts and uncles and first cousins that look completely caucasian.
My point is normally some one is asking me where Iam from and telling me how pretty I am, and let me tell you now that I wear hijab the compliments roll in daily!!! Its soo crazy to me! I think I get more attention now and the complements are just wonderful ( I know, so vain) Seriously people are like you are soo pretty! Iam like thanks, a couple people told me I look like a princess or goddess. Yes really. LOL. My point isnt to brag about how good looking I am. The point is that I have noticed more compliments now than before and that everyone thinks I am middle eastern and when I say black and irish, its kinda like well your still really pretty. Its like if your really pretty you have to have some exotic background or story...I just think its interesting. Indian people always ask me am I indian or arabic. White people dont guess as much they just say where are you from and black people always say what are you mixed with?? They are all shocked at my answers and for different reason I suspect but I just want to know exactly the logic behind it. My new indian coworker, I asked her why she thought I was arabic and she said I dont know, you look and act arabian so. hmmm.....I dont know what that means...but I wanna get to the bottom of it. LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I will be going shopping this weekend and I plan to wear a outfit very similar to this one. I absolutely love the way she wears that hijab and I want to try to see if I can pull it off. I have to first figure out how many scarves she is wearing.

Isnt that top so amazing and perfect for a hijabi. I mean its sooo stylish and yet still loose and long enough to cover you waist and butt properly in jeans. I would totally wear everything above. I absolutely adore pink and anything girly like that scarf and top. SOOO cute to me!!! I could even wear this outfit to juma this friday, I would just add my trench coat and I would be all set!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hijabi for almost a month!

As salaamu alaiykum sisters, today I had a nice day alhamdullilah. I went out to the cheesecake factory and shopping with my parents and sister, my first outing as a hijabi with my family, alhamdullilah! It went really well, my family is super supportive and things are going really well. I have been my hijab for almost 1 month and I am soo happy and proud of myself. Like I said before, I had worn hijab previously before but never full time every day all day. I have been wearing it full time and I have not left the house without it. My coworkers,classmates,and family have all been great about it. Yesterday I wore my favorite scarf,which is a rich blend of reds,oranges,green, and gold. Its a very beautiful scarf,masha'allah. I received so many compliments on it and Im feeling much more confident in my hijab these days. I just pray to Allah that it last. I hope I have crossed that hump for the last time. Im wearing hijab and praying regularly and increasing my deen insha'allah. I currently reading great women of islam and its soo amazing, I cant wait to finish and do a post about it. Thats all for now, salaams, but keep me in your duas sisters, so that I may be as strong as you!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Salaams everyone, I am soo excited! My order from star scarves arrived and I love my new hijabs. I ordered then sunday night( last week) and they arrived on thursday (though I just opened the package today), which is pretty fast for free shipping. Take a look below:

The only thing not pictured is the pink ribbon hijab pin, which is actually my favorite item. Its gorgeous,put for some reason it wouldnt clip to polyvore so oh well. Iam very happy with my purchase for the most part. I ordered 9 items total and my price was $101.91, not bad at all. I am finally learning the names of all the different styles, for example, the light pink hijab is a kuwaiti/mona hijab. My friend from Palestine just brought me back 4 scarves too, a pretty flowered green hijab,a orange and white silk hijab, a turqouise hijab and a magenta hijab, so all in all this week I got 9 new hijabs!!!!!!!!! Alhamdullilah!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Muslimah Goody Bag

Salaams ladies. Today I had such an amazing day. I hung out with my future sil and we had a blast. We went to this islamic bookstore,halal grocery store and a lebanese restuarant. Although I didnt order it i finally saw the dish Schwarma that everyone talks about. I ordered chicken and rice with salad and french fries and it was sooo yummy. I purchased some wonderful books masha'allah and I hope to share what I learn with you all insha'allah.

Islamic Verdicts on the pillars of islam vol 1 and vol 2.Vol 1: creed and prayer and vol.2: prayer,zakat,fasting,
and hajj

Great Women in Islam by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar

I also purchased a prayer rug, straight pins for my hijab,kohl, a miswack, and a little book i can keep in my purse called daily and occasional du'a.

In addition, I purchased some gyro meat,rice,seasonings, and a few other items from halal grocery store.

Overall It was a wonderful day Masha'allah!! I also recently purchased several new hijabs and 2 hijab pins, which I am anxiously waiting to arrive any day and Insha'allah I will post pics of those items as well. Its so different hanging out with muslimah's versus my other friends. My future SIL wears abaya and niqab so being around her really makes me conscious of my appearance and actions and I love this. She makes me adore hijab and all the girly things a muslimah can veg out on.I could have spent a million dollars in the bookstore!! I mean they had everything!!!!!! Books and books and books, videos, cd's,hijabs,abayas, paintings, and more. Everything islamic!! A girls dream!! I bought the hijab pins,kohl and miswak stick from there also. I am sooo pumped about the little dua book I bought for my purse, how perfect! I cant wait to read and share will you all everything I learn and on that note.. Iam off to read so I will write more later!! Salaams!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hijabi in the pharmacy day 2

So I wore hijab to the pharmacy today, this was a different site than yesterday. I got a few compliments on how pretty I looked and I wondered did they think I was just making a fashion statement?? Eventually someone said to me " are you muslim?" and I said yes even though I think its inappropriate to ask me this. He then replied, I would have never know. This was such a wake up call to me and it made me feel horrible. I dont know exactly what he meant by it and he didnt say it mean or anything but still, he was surprised that I was a muslim. This made me think a lot about my behavior and how I carry myself. Am I carrying myself like a muslimah even when I do not wear hijab? Perhaps thats the significance of wearing hijab because it makes you be in remembrance of Allah (s.w.t.) at all times. When I am in hijab I do carry myself in a different manner, I watch my words,what I watch on tv,or what music I listen, I watch myself to avoid backbitting and participating in useless gossip and more. I am seriously having a rude awakening this week. I can admit that when I am in hijab I am a overall better person. Alhamdullilah the light bulb has finally turned on!!! However sisters, this doesnt mean I dont miss my hair sometimes. I think the key to being a successful hijabi is having confidence. Something I didnt have before when I wore hijab and it was like a hardship on me. But this week I have woken up excited about wearing hijab and I even ordered $100 worth of scarves and pins and undercaps from a store called star scarves?? I will post more about that later. I feel so different this week.Proud to be muslim,proud to have on my scarf. This is the firs time I have felt this. Make duas for me that this continues and I continue to wear hijab. Salaams

Monday, March 23, 2009

A day in the pharmacy
A day in the pharmacy - by Inspired Muslimah on

This is pretty much what I wore to my internship at the pharmacy today...and I wore hijab too!!! Alhamdullilah today is the first day I ever wore it at my internship.My coworkers and patients were all nice, no smirks or comments or staring. I guess I assumed because I have a large jewish clientele that it may be problematic but everyone was pleasant. I made my intentions to wear it to work all week and when I woke up this morning I made my prayers and went to work. I am tired of being a coward. Alhamdullilah today was a nice day!!! Allah Akbar!! I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I am at a different site tomorrow so I will keep you guys posted with the details but today is the first day I wore hijab and I didnt feel forced it actually felt right...can I be on to something??? Time will tell. I am not sure what came over me but lately I have just wanted to start wearing it constantly. Make duas for me as you know I have struggled with this in the past. I downloaded the quran reader to my iphone and now in my idle time instead of surfing the web I try to read a few verses of quran...just to keep me in remembrance of Allah at all times. I guess I am tired of struggling with these things and maybe Allah is answering my prayers to make it easier on me. Alhamdullilah!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off to work

Off to work
Off to work - by Inspired Muslimah on

I love those shoes and how cute is the outfit for a day at the office? Cute and functional is my type of style.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I absolutely love this abaya! So much I think I have to order it. I also love those multicolor do I love shoes! I never get sick of new shoes....I liked both pair and I am leaning towards the multicolor wedges but which ones do you prefer??

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I miss blogging.

WOW so salaams everyone, its has been way to long.I will quickly update you with whats going on with me. I went to NYC and had a blast. We went to a bunch of cool( but expensive :( ) restaurants and I did a bunch of shopping. I was gone for an entire week and I stayed in 3 different hotels ( long story). I had soo much but at the end of the trip I was ready to come home. Too much living out of a suitcase! I came back to cold weather and lots of school and it was hard to deal with so I have been down.....but alhamdullilah, the sun has been out all week and the weather has been beautiful and my mood has improved substantially. I need help increasing my deen which has been teetering and I need to read more quran and put more time into islam. I am sure this is what is lacking in my life. I feel soo much better when I am learning or listening quran and I have been so busy I have neglected my islamic studying. I had to wake up early this morning and let me tell you, losing that hour of sleep really kicked my butt!!! The good news is that now it will be light until about 730, so thats awesome. I wanted to go to tanning today but today went by so fast, I didnt get a chance,maybe tomorrow. I went to work and then came to my parents for dinner and now my mom is making brownies.....yummy....I will eat dessert, watch my sunday night tv shows and then drive home. I am tempted to sleep here because Iam soo tired but since I am soo tired I really want my comfy pillowtop mattress... I will see you soon...I cant wait to catch up with the blog world and sorry I havent been commenting. I love you all for the sake of Allah.


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