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" The originator of the heavens and earth! When He decreeth a thing,He saith unto it only: Be! and it is.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have had the pleasure and honor to receive the coolest blog award from my awesome sister over at Thoughts from the desk of the Barefoot Empress Anisa... My awesome sister in Islam!!!She is not only my blogger buddy we are forming a real friendship insha'allah. Thanks sooo much, It was very unexpected. I love you sis. I have to pass this awesome award to a few deserving sisters!

Muslimah Mami: My sister in Islam that I love to death!!! Someone who I consider not just a fellow blogger but a friend also.

M.J. from A Muslim Wife: This sister is truly amazing. I have learned soo much from her and she has an amazing blog!!!

American Muslima Writer: This sister is awesome. She has taken the dauting task to organize and create a blog called All Muslimah which is a comprehensive list of all the muslimah bloggers she has come in contact with. How awesome is that??

Pixie at Beautiful Muslimah: This sister has an awesome blog and was the very first blog I came across. I became hooked on her blog and this eventually inspired me to start my own blog..Thanks sis!

Zaenab at Stylish Muslimah: Awesome blog I have followed for sometime, Cool hijab tips and more.

Umm Khadijah at The Striving Muslimah: Lots of interesting and cool post come from this sister, check her out in Insha'allah.

Haniyya Jewelz: Awesome sister ,awesome blog. She makes jewelry!!!! Hijab pins! Go check her out!

I think a few more sisters deserve this award but they have already recieved the award. Empress Anisa, Ange, Umm Travis, I love you all for the sake of Allah!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Have been tagged

I was tagged by my awesome sis, Empressa Anisa, thanks sis!

NOTE: You have to add one additional "favorite" thing to the end of the list when you answer

Favorite color: Pink and Black

Favorite perfume (guys): Jean Paul Fleur De Male

Favorite perfume (girls): Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Favorite pj brand: Victoria Secrets

Favorite clothes brand in general: BEBE, True Religion, Rock and Republic, and Arden B

Favorite person in the entire world: My Future Habibi

Favorite country: Belize, Masha’allah its wonderful there!

Favorite car: Porsche Cayenne

Favorite sport: Gymnastics

Favorite sport player: Lebron James

Favorite spot in America: NYC

Favorite animal: Yorkshire Terrier

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite singer: KEYSHIA COLE

Favorite day in the week: Sunday

Favorite time of the day: Evening

Favorite holiday season: Summer

Favorite number: 5

Favorite food: Orange Chicken from Cheesecake Factory

Favorite chocolate: Godiva Milk Chocolate

Favorite cartoon: Jem

Favorite blogger: Tough one!

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip

Favorite Mobile Brand: My Iphone ofcourse!!

Favorite name: Isaiah

Favorite hobby: Shopping, shopping and more shopping..and reading!

Favorite room in my house: Bedroom

Favorite Fruit: toss up: Pineapples

Favorite flower: Calla lily, totally with Empress Anisa, I will have a ton of these at my wedding!

I add Favorite Quran Recitor: Saad Al Ghamdi

I tagged Halal Honey, M.J, Ange, Umm Khadijah, and Malek

Snow Day Hooray!

Salaams everyone I am in the midwest and its snowing like crazy! We already have gotten 6 inches and we are expected to get 8 to 10 more inches before the storm lets up. I hate the snow and winter!!!!!!! We finally got a snow day and I was wondering if this isnt the type of weather that illicit a snow day,what does???? Whats wrong is that it took till almost noon for them to cancel most of the colleges and universities. I had already decided I wasnt going but I have a lot of friends who bared the elements and now school is cancel and they are just out there in that mess. That sucks. Since I have snow day today, I will catch up on reading quran and work on some things I have been wanting to post. I am also watching little women on HBO on demand..Random right?? I have never seen it and I just felt like watching it. I also want to figure out how to adder blogger mobile to my iphone so I can easily post pics and post from my phone..which by the way, gets more amazing by the day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Salaams everyone. I just wanted to know who out there uses google reader to read blogs versus I am confused about google reader. Its another way to read the blogs we follow right? Can you create a new post from google reader, or is it just to read and do you all find it easier to use??

Monday, January 26, 2009

Salaams everyone, Its a new year alhamdullilah! I hope everyone is having a good month. I have been down for so long, I am determined to give myself a pick me up and I noticed there are certain sites that I can read for days and they actually have an effect on me and my attitude. With that said, I will share some sites with you all I frequent, when I need to read some awesome islamic resources and learn more about islam:

Sisters Magazine: I just love this magazine and website. Sisters has everything from fashion,tips for an islamic home, stories of inspiration and how to increase your iman, recipes in more. My personal favorite section is the inspiration section which is full of articles regarding Allah. One of my favorite is the story of the three dates. A woman and her 2 daughters once came to visit Aisha (may peace be upon her). Times were hard in medina and Aisha had to search the house to find something to offer the visitors, eventually she found and gave the women 3 dates which the mother then gave her daughters each a date and held on to the last one. After the children had eaten thier dates, they began to look at the last date the mother had and she split it amongst the 2 children. Aisha was very touched by this and told the prophet about that had happened when he came home and he said " The woman has entered paradise because of the love and kindness she showed to her little daughters, Allah will show her mercy because she showed them mercy". I dont know about you guys but I love reading these stories, they make me feel so good alhamdullilah!

Muslimah Connection: This is a neat site with a lot of cool information on it.
There are hijab tips, a muslimah directory and even many different ways to connect with other sisters.

Salafisisters: is a awesome site full of resources. There are many articles here that deal with being a muslimah, seeking knowledge and the purpose of this site is "seeking knowledge to benefit our souls". This website specially ask to not be linked without permission, so I have honored their wishes. However, feel free to google them and check out this great site.

Ignite the light within: This is a great website sisters, for many different reasons and mainly because its by one of our own sisters, Umm travis, masha'allah. If your a new revert like myself, you will find lots of goodies here! You can find material in regards to ibadah,islamic knowledge and this sister even has a section for what she is reading and she shares it with you. I am reading the same book she is, The ideal Muslimah, so we will have to talk about it, sis. :D. I seriously stayed up late last night reading as much as I could from this awesome site,and kudo's to you sister! I keep coming across all these wonderful websites just to find out sister umm travis is at work again. Sis, nice job. Allah is smiling on you for sharing your knowledge.

Listening to Quran: This is a wonderful iman booster alhamdullilah! I actually enjoy listeing to quran sometimes more than reading it because I can do it while I am driving or cleaning up the house and other chores. I learned of this recitation from Beautiful Muslimah and I cannot get enough. Saad Al Ghamdi does a wonderful job of recititing Al-Fatiha: The Opening, and other surahs. Take a listen.

Read Quran or hadith: One of my favorite places to go search hadith or quranic content is this website
the compendium of muslim text. This site is really wonderful because it has a extremly complete compilation of hadith
and you can search based on topic. This is particularly helpful for me. For instance, If I want to read what the hadith
says regarding music, I can go here and type in music and many different ahadith will come up for me to reference.
There is a quran and hadith search engine that work very well.

One of my favorite websites to go to find awesome lectures in Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki. I follow his blog and I love his work.
I follow him and listen to his lectures all the time. Some I recommend are stories of the prophets 1-4
I literally have like over 20 talks from him that I have downloaded to my iphone that I listen to while working out, grocery shopping and at the beauty salon.
He is very knowledgeable masha'allah.

I have listed many resources for you to enjoy whether you like to read or listen to quran or hadith, read islamic magazine,
enjoy islamic websites and literature, and more. These website have been very helpful for me and I hope they will be
helpful for you too.

Amendment to blogger tension post

Salaams everyone. My last post wasn't meant to offend any one and I certainly wasn't talking about anyone in particular. In MY opinion there has been a lot of tension amongst the bloggers. I didn't name anyone and I am not pointing fingers at anyone. That is not my point.As for mentioning particular topics that I did name such as race, taxes,Obama, hijab versus non hijab, my point was to say I am surprise with the tension that comes after these post. Like ok so a sister post something regarding whats on her mind, one of the above topics and then other bloggers start to comment and I am surprised at some of the comments I read and how it almost turns into an argument. I am not saying people shouldn't post whats on there mind regardless of how everyone else reacts too it.I dont blame the blogger, I am just surprised about some of the comments because everyone is entitled to post what they want. I hope I am clear because I am not a fan of the blogger police that go from blog to blog telling this person what he or she should blog about and I have said that on my occasions. Its your blog and you can talk about what you want. Its funny because the whole point of that post came across exactly the opposite of what I wanted. And lastly to the comment I made about the sis who mentioned people following her blog and not commenting and I mentioned this happens to me, I was saying anything about you sis in particular not commenting on my blog. I just meant in general. You are one of the few sisters who do take the time to comment on my blog so I am surprise you thought you were one of the people. Regardless, no one owes it to anyone to comment and I have read comments that said if they dont feel as if they can participate in the conversation, they will not comment at all and I couldn't agree with you more!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reading some of the other sisters blogs lately has resulted in tension. If its not one argument it is another. I am not pointing any fingers, I am just saying that all of this tension and back and forth over various issues is draining. Race, Obama, proper hijab versus non proper hijab, Palestine, Israel, taxes and more.... I will not take part in any of these back and forth type deals because I dont want to be bias to anyone one sister. Then you have everyone else jumping on the band wagon either agreeing or disagreeing and I do understand that your (the bloggers) blog is to vent and say what is on your mind and I support it, freedom of speech ofcourse!

However, Then I feel like if you disagree with someone, the relationship between you and that person changes a little. I can name at least 4 sisters who I may have offended and the reason I think this is because they no longer comment here on my blog. I dont know if everyone is just stressed or what, or if this is just life and its honest to disagree, But I feel as if it has gone beyond disagreeing. I honestly feel like some people have been offended about some of the comments I have left on there pages regarding certain things they have posted, although I try to be careful and leave thoughtful comments which are honest but not offensive. Each persons blog is to express themselves and I am a true believer of this. I think I have lost a few friends as a result and I suppose thats to be expected. Also on another sisters blog I was reading and she wondered if any one reads her blog because of the lack of comments and I told her I understand. I feel as if I am very active in commenting on others blog but I do not receive the same treatment back. This is just an observation,no one is obligated to comment on any ones blog,its just nice if you do so. So I may just take a break in the whole commenting aspect of blogging all together and just continue to read silently like I use too. I like going to everyones blog and commenting but my point is not to offend anyone whatsoever. So considered me silent on any controversial issues and secondly, I may just relax my commenting altogether because I honestly dont feel as if the love is always returned (once again, this is fine as your not obligated to comment on anyones blog and no one makes me comment on their blog, I do it because I want too). I wish serenity would just be returned to the blogger world since the outside world is soo harsh and full of disappointments. Ok I just wanted to get that off my chest.Salaams.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Salaams everyone, I have been gone for almost a week but It feels good to be back, alhamdullilah! I had a blast in DC. I went last friday and just returned yesterday. It was soo much fun!!! I took a ton of pictures 571 to be exact!!! I love photography! Anyhow, I had a busy weekend. I did attend a concert at the lincoln memorial and I am doing more research regarding music and if its haram or not. I have heard mixed comments regarding this lately and I need to do my OWN research to come to my own conclusion on this matter. Thanks to all the sisters who have given me insight on this matter. For those who believe music is only haram depending on what your listening to, you will be be pleased with the concert. EVERY song was a positive song about basically working together, teamwork, america and so forth and although it was sung by popular performers such as Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen, it was not thier music. It was songs like My country tis of thee, Lean on me, Change, and a bunch of songs representing unity. There was not a single curse word, sexual implication, or anything else of this sort and I must say if any music is ok to listen to then surely these songs qualify. There were soooo many people at the concert,it was crazy..see below

While I was there I went to the lincoln memorial, the smithsonian museum and Tysons corner ( a HUGE mall, which was my favorite part of the trip). One thing I noticed while in virginia and DC was the incredible amount of hijbabi's!!! Alhamdullilah they were absolutely everywhere and in droves!! I can go a whole week without seeing a muslimah in a hijab at home but in DC and VA, I couldnt go an was soo unreal and awesome at the same time. I wish I had more muslim friends because these sisters looked like they were having soo much fun hanging out with each other. I didnt see anyone wearing abaya but still these sisters looked soo nice in their hijab. I wondered for a second, is that how I look??? I having been wearing my hijab and I can admit, I am still not all the way use to it, but I know it takes time and I will be patient. Not only did I see many muslims out and about at the malls and stuff, I seen many muslims there at the many events I attended and it was awesome. For all of you reading who are blessed enough to live in areas heavily populated by muslims be happy, it feels sooo wonderful,masha'allah!!

I had already been thinking of moving to DC when I finish with school and after this weekend I am more sure than ever. I really enjoyed feeling like I belonged and I was welcomed. I liked not being stared at because of my hijab. I liked looking around and seeing others dressed like me. Isnt this weird how you usually want to be an individual and stand out but not in this case.?? Above is a picture of my ticket to the inaguration. My sister and her boyfriend sat in the orange section and she sat directly next to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and in front of Spike Lee! How cool is that! Also she met Bruce Springsteen and a couple other celebs that sat in her section. She had tickets to the seated area. I was in the standing the area but it was all good. We rode the metro downtown and it was packed with thousands of people. I have never seen anything like it, look below

I cannot describe to you the feeling I had all weekend knowing that Barack Obama was about to become the president. I honestly feel like he is going to be an awesome president and he will do his best to bring everyone together (as much as anyone can do) and start forming relationships between everyone. However, I am not naive, I know this will not happen overnight but seriously after 8 years of bush, he can have a honest chance right? I know so of you are skeptical but everyone deserves a fair chance. To those in other countries that dont understand what the hoopla is all about, I think you would need to live in America to understand honestly, and that is not meant as a diss. If you lived in America...the supposed land of the free...but the land that is known for discriminating against anyone not representing the status quo then you would understand. I do not think being a fan of Barack Obama is harmful and represents worshipping of any way unless you personally let it become that. Anyhow, I had a blast and it was especially interesting because I am big on politics and I felt a part of what was going on here in this country. Its one thing to watch and its such another thing to experience history first hand in person..GO BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More pictures

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am soo excited about this upcoming weekend. In 2 days my family and many of my friends will be traveling to washington d.c., to attend the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States..whoo hoooo BARACK OBAMA BABY!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo pysched about this. I am packing my clothes as we speak. We will leave on friday and probably just relax at familys house. On Saturday I will spend the day between shopping and doing some site seeing. I have been to DC plenty of times but I have never took the time to do some of the more touristy type stuff like see the museums and capital and stuff. I am a huge history buff and because there is much going on,these activities will be more fun than usual. I will wear something like this:

DC outfit
DC outfit by Inspired Muslimah
Because it will sooo cold in DC. The whole east coast is under a major cold front so unfortunatley It will be freezing in DC. I think I am most excited about the concert on sunday that officially kicks off the inaguration activities. The " We are one" concert will feature my favorite Beyonce!!! As well as Usher, Mary J Blige, U2, Springsteen, Garth Brooks,John Legend, Sheryl Crow, and more......Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah will be speaking. I am sooooo pumped about this. Its outdoors at the Lincoln Memorial so we will have to be dressed warmly. The concert starts at 2 pm and will be aired on HBO at 7pm, which I will have my DVR set to tape, so I can enjoy it again. This concert will probably dominate my Sunday since we will most likely be ice cubes once its finished. On Monday and not sure what we have planned but on Tuesday, we will attend the inauguration parade that begins at 2 pm. My mom,aunt, and friends all tried to get ticket to the parade which were sold on Ticketmaster for $25. OK WHY DID THEY SELL OUT INSTANTLY!!!!!! When I say instantly, I mean my mom was on the site an hour before they when on sell, with credit card ready, and at 12:59 she started typing in her credit card number and hit send at 1 pm and they were sold out!!! AMAZING!!! There were only 5000 tickets for the entire country and they were for balcony seats. However, you can still go to the parade without a ticket, you just dont have a seat. I plan on having a blast and taking a million pictures which I can post immediately from my iphone for you guys to see. I haven't been blogging too much lately but you can definitely plan to hear all about my weekend in DC.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling kinda down lately...

I have not been posting lately because I have been so overwhelmed with school. Test immediately following my winter break has snatched up all my time. I am also a little down. I had to pay $625 for my car to get 2 new tires and new breaks. That sucks so bad, because I couldve done soooo much more with that! I finally bought the new iphone and I am so in love with it. That cheered me up a little but I am still down. Its winter, its cold, muslims are dying in Gaza, school is hard...I can go on and on.I try to tell myself things could be a lot worst, clearly look at what our sisters and brothers are experiencing. I start a post on the UN worker who was killed by the israelis and I couldnt finish, it was too heartbreaking. To watch everyone sit by and nothing happens. I feel so sad for them :(. I have been wearing my hijab alhamdullilah, though i I have lapsed here and there. My eman is really low right now and I know why...but thats no excuse. Some one really closed to me betrayed me. Im having a really hard time getting past it. I know they are sorry and wants the best for me....that didnt stop them from hurting me however. I feel devastated one minute and Im laughing the next. My moods are soo up and down, I think my mom thinks I am bipolar. LOL. I just want to smile again.....ALL THE know how something bad happens and it weighs on you and then you forget for a while, and then bam! It hits you and your down again. Its one of those things.... Thats all for now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Princess in Purple

Pretty in Purple by Inspired Muslimah

Purple is one of my favorite colors, Its soo regal! I paired these jeans with those awesome shoes to start. Ok do those pumps rock or what??? They do to me .LOL. Add a pretty purple sweater, cute handbag for all that stuff we love to carry (cell,lotion,lipgloss,little mini hand sanitizer,comb/brush,quran, wallet,ect), a nice abaya to keep hidden what should stay hidden,super cute jewelry to accessorize, like that funky bracelet. How do you guys feel about it, I love it!.....And lastly my favorite item of the set, which is that beautiful hijab Masha'allah!! Enjoy! I may put together a similiar outfit for when I travel to DC for President Elect Barack Obama's Inaguration. Yipee!!

I am learning to appreciate the hijab and I just wanted to share this article with sisterwhostruggling to wear hijab and plan on doing it soon, insha'allah. I am happy to learn that all of my prayers,fasting for ramadan, and reading Quran and learning about Allah has not all been in vain, despite my lack of hijab in past. Allah has accepted my prayers and fast,alhamdullilah. This is not to say one should not wear hijab,it obligatory from Allah, however, if your a new muslimah like me and has had trouble accepting it, Allah is all forgiving and most merciful, Allah knows are intentions and just try to do your best to start wearing hijab,but your prayers far have been accepted provided you prayed under the right conditions( wudu,hijab, ect).Some interesting readings from muslimah connection regarding this topic :

What is the Ruling in Islaam concerning the Muslim woman who prays and fasts but does not wear the Hijaab (head cover)?:

Her fast and her prayer are correct and all praise is for Allah. But she must repent for abandoning the wearing of the Hijaab. Disobedience does not invalidate her prayer or her fasting. Not wearing the Hijaab, speaking in a way that is not good like backbiting or slandering then this does not invalidate her prayer but it does decrease her Imaan (faith) and weakens it. She must repent to Allah for that. Likewise the wearing of the Hijaab, not wearing it in front of men is disobedience but her fast is not invalidated nor her prayer. Rather she must repent for it. Not wearing the Hijaab is considered a weakness in Imaan.

Likewise other things such as backbiting the people or doing something from the acts of disobedience, etc all of this is a deficiency and weakness in Imaan.
When she performs the prayer with its conditions and obligations on time then her prayer is correct. Likewise her fasting when she fasts from what is forbidden to her and performs it the way it should be then her fast is valid. When she performs the obligations but then she does some forms of disobedience there is deficiency in her act of fasting such as backbiting, lying and the like. It is a deficiency in her fasting and weakness in her religion.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ya Allah help us ALL!

My heart is heavy with all thats going on in Palestine. I will continue to pray to Allah for my brothers and sisters. Its soo terrible because why both parties continue to fight over Allahs' land, men,women and children are dying senselessly. Ya Allah help us all. Help those of us that think they are better than the next person. Allah thank you for making me so open minded and giving me the knowledge that I am person,no better than the next. I am a muslim who hopes that everyone will come to islam like I have, yet I know I am no better than those who have not. I am disgusted by all the racism and fighting in this world. I will strive to teach my children that this not okay nor will be tolerated.

Also I am soooo sick of the whole immigration racist beliefs that any immigrant here is illegal. I have heard all the info about the illegal mexican immigrants running down wages and taking jobs but the thing I am soo confused about is, what would you do if you were in their situation. I dont know about you, but I would be doing my best to come to America too. (funny cause I hate america right now..but you know what what I Why do we ( people in general) hate others who are not like us. Allah has created us all different in hopes that we would learn and love one another. Astighfurallah!!!!!!!! I am disgusted. I am watching a special on ABC, primetime special call "what would you do? " and its about people watching others being mistreated and how bystanders react. The special starts off with a couple of mexican laborers try to go into a cafe and get a cup of coffee. The guy behind the counter refuses to serve them because they dont speak mexican?? wtf. I mean,it was soo disgusting and ignorant. More ignorant were the other customers who cosigned on it by being ignorant too. As the clerk refused to serve the guys, 9 people who came in the store during this ,agreed. Ok so this was an experiment and the cashier and 2 labors were all being taped. Of the 88 people, something like 48 people did nothing. Its so sad. while they didn't openly participate in the racism, they did little to help. 30 people helped and offered to not come back to the restaurant or tried to help them purchase there food. 9 people engaged in the blatant racism, egging the clerk on, saying things like Amen and we speak english in america and this that. The one mexican man cried at then end and said "why do they hate us. why do they treat us like animals??" I cried too and when I called my sis, she was crying. I just feel sooo sad for those are mistreated. It was a special but people are mistreated like this everyday. My friends sister flew into a airport where they refused to serve them at a restaurant and called them terrorist. It was 2 women and 5 children, the women were dressed in hijab and abaya. I mean how terrible is this?? Another friend of mines was in nyc and a indian cab driver called him a nigger. Where does it end. The point is racism is never right no matter who is on the giving end. Its wrong and I am disgusted by it. I thank Allah everyday that I don have a racist bone in my body. I dont think I am better than anyone and I try to live by the golden rule, do unto others as thou shall have others do unto you.

Black white man women muslim jew. whoever. We are all Allah's children and we need to learn how to coexist. I am soo sick of all the fighting and while those mexican men being mistreated is nothing compared to our sisters and brothers in Palestine, its all disheartening, nonetheless.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sorry for not posting day#2 as a Hijabi. I am so busy in chicago. I plan on working posting a blog about being a hijabi in chicago later on which I talk about day 2(yesterday) and day 2 (today), alhamdullilah! STAY TUNED SISTERS!!!

Weekend in the windy city

I am in chicago for the weekend and I heard there is a little section of town that sells alls arabic and islamic clothes,alhamdullilah, I am soo excited. I cant wait to go see what they have. I am staying at the beautiful hilton hotel on michigan avenue overlooking downtown, miles of shopping , the beautiful lake masha'allah (though frozen). I have been watching the news since I got here yesterday afternoon to keep up with the situation in Gaza and Iam sad that it has not improved. I am going to visit the masjid down the street and will take a picture or two from the outside as well as I will take pics on the street with all the islamic stores,which I will post,insha'allah. Chicago is soo beautiful and diverse! Its so nice to see a blend of all the different cultures coexisting!! The weather is actually decent, like high 30 f. Not bad since the last time I was here, it was blizzarding.I am going to go get dressed, stop by the masjid, and go onto the islamic stores and I will definitely report back. I hope to purchase so new hijabs,underscarves, maybe an abaya,a prayer rugs, and prayer beads..and what else I can not put down. LOL. I am on the 25 floor of the hotel and you can everything! Including all those million dollar lofts across the street, I mean, I can see into their living room!! Also, there are soo many muslims here! Yay!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ok so today I woke up and I wore my hijab all day alhamdullilah! I was soo proud of myself. I have worn hijab before of course, but not like today, everywhere I went from the moment I left the house at noon till about 11:00 tonight when I got home. I went to the mall,bank, future in laws house, MY parents house, the pharmacy I intern at and several other places. The significance of this is that I have never worn my hijab around coworkers, to the mall I frequent, and most important my parents. Sure they have seen me with my pashima's wrapped casually around me with hair showing but today I was in full hijabi mode. Funny thing is, it was not so bad! Ok people did stare a little and that is a little uncomfortable and I had on my sunglasses most of the day and I felt like a coward for it (though I always have on sunglasses) so I took them and faced the world, hijab and all. At my parents house, they didnt even really mention it too much, which I guess is a good thing. My sis actually said I looked really cute. I went to visit my future in laws, and my fiance said wow, you look so beautiful as well as his mom kept hugging me Masha'allah!! He just kept telling me. He knows I am not very confident in hijab yet. When I walked into my job I intern at they were like wow, look at you??!! But overall, positive vibes. So you can imagine what I looked like, I created a set, see below:

My hijabi outfit by Inspired Muslimah

I had on jeans, a black turtleneck sweater under a gray sweater dress, cute jewelry, my versace sunglasses, Bebe handbag, Tahari pumps, and a black hijab layered with a black and silver hijab over top. I felt really pretty for for the first time in hijab. I know this is not why we wear it, but it felt good to feel attractive. So many men were looking at me, this was weird!! I have never worn hijab to the mall before and it didnt keep the men from looking oddly enough. I lowered my gaze as I am learning to do and finished shopping. I bought several items from bath and body and 3 sets of bracelets from a stand in the middle of the mall. I can tell I am changing for the better alhamdullilah. I spent $ 60 at bath and body, $20 in the middle of the mall, and $75 at eyemasters for new contacts and I felt soooo bad. Normally I spend and spend and dont blink but today it felt so weird and I kept asking myself If I needed these things. I am proud of the changes I see in myself I hope to keep them up. Wearing it in front of family members and coworkers was new to me, and only awkward for a second. Honestly, I forgot I had the hijab on!! As I grow my outfits will get better but overall I think I looked pretty nice and islamic. My sweater dress fit loose and did not show my figure too much. I didnt have any hair showing and although I had earrings on, no one could see them. I also made sure that my actions were proper by lowering my gaze and not engaging in unnecessary conversation with men outside of my fiance and father. Today was a big step in the right direction, alhamdullilah, I hope I can keep it up. I will let you all know how day #2 (tomorrow) turns out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

I may sound a little unislamic in the following post due to my anger regarding it and I apologize to my readers:

As many of you know I live right here in good old america, the land of the free! Yeah right! I am feeling very unpatriotic right now. After the way america treats citizens of minority status as second class citizens, its not hard. They were mad when Michelle Obama said that for the first time in her adult like she was proud to be an American.WTF??? I understand completely. I was utterly disgusted when I read this morning that 9 muslim passengers ( click purple for link to msnbc article) were removed from a commercial airline flight from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida. Apparently, one of the muslims had made a "suspicious comment". Airtran grounded the flight and the 9 muslim passengers consisting of a lawyer,an anesthesiologist, and other professionals, and 3 children. 8 out of the 9 travelers were american citizens and they were cleared by the FBI with no charges. Apparently, one of the passengers made a comment about the jets being close to the window and wondered if it was safe, or where the safest place on the plane was. SO the f*ck what!! Excuse me ladies for my terrible language. This just outrages me!! And get this?? Even after the FBI cleared them, Airtran refused to allow them to travel and MADE them PURCHASE new tickets with a new airline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In what world is this okay?? I am starting to hate America seriously. This is not right. I will never fly airtran again, honestly!! They always find someone to pick on. Since black people finally have some rights in the racist country, they pick on muslims now. The system allows it and that is sad. The FBI even told airtran they were cleared and there was no security concern but airtran would not let them on NOR did they apologize. Of the 9 people, they questioned one husband and wife who were having the conversation,but removed the other 7 MUSLIMS for association. They never even questioned them, they were just guilty by association. This is soo terrible. I feel like graduating and packing my stuff and leaving this place. I wont allow my future children to grow up in such an unfair corrupt country. Its these things that make me nervous to where hijab full time and the same thing that makes me want to wear my hijab proud and represent Islam!!!


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