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Monday, July 27, 2009

Preparations for ramadan

As salamu alaiykum sisters, ramadan is approaching with lightening speed! We are already in the month of shaban,alhamdullilah. I would like to start preparing myself for this wonderful spiritual cleansing we are blessed to participate in alhamdullilah. I have been muslim for a year and so when ramadan rolled around last year, I hadnt quite embraced all aspects of islam such as hijab and modesty. Since then I have come very far and I now observe hijab although I can admit this summer hasnt been easy. School starts for me in a few weeks and Im nervous how I will be received. There are a lot of muslimahs at my school but only one wears hijab. However, insha'allah I can overcome my fears and do whats right to please Allah (s.w.t). I will start preparing for ramadan by fasting twice weekly until it actually begins. This way I can feel how long an actual day of fasting is since ramadan falls in the summer months. Secondly, I will visit the muslim bookstore/all purpose store. I want to buy many things that remind me of islam and decorate the house. I have a den which I use as a office but I will put out my prayer rugs and turn it into a prayer room. I will research a masjid to attend for some of the taraweeh prayers and insha'allah get a friend to join me since I admit I dont feel all the way comfortable in the masjid, you can read about my last experience here. I know we are suppose to read the whole quran doing ramadan and I am looking for suggestions on how best to do this. Sisters, do you devise a plan, or do you just read a little every night in sequential order? Im not sure how to tackle this but this is why its important to start preparing for ramadan now. Get all your ducks in a row. My future SIL and I are planning an Eid sleepover at a hotel. We plan on getting a suite, and having a Eid celebration and halaqa all in 1. There will be quran reading,lots of good food, henna, and scarves and accessories for sale and to practice with. Im excited because I didnt quite get in the spirit last ramadan. I wasnt around any other muslims, I didnt wear my hijab all day (just when praying) and I didnt attend a single iftar! Hopefully, insha'allah this ramadan will be much different. I will start getting together recipes and ideas that I would like to try. I will also try them out in advance so that when ramadan is here, I dont spend all my time in the kitchen experimenting and can spend more time praying insha'allah. Other preparations include planning my very first iftar here at my apartment. I know a few sisters who I can invite and Im looking forward to doing this! I will have to plan very well for this ramadan, as it falls during a really tough block in school. However, school would not be possible without Allah and fasting and participating in ramadan is the least I can do but also is mandatory as it is one of the 5 pillars of islam. I plan to post actively during the month of ramadan to share my experience with others and document what an amazing spiritual revelation Im having. Im sooooo excited subhanallah!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ten things about me.

I have the honor of being tagged by M.J. from A Muslim Wife, NeverEver, and Umm Travis, so here its goes.....TEN THINGS ABOUT INSPIRED MUSLIMAH!

After listing 10 things about yourself all true but unknown,link back to the person who tagged you (see above) and tag 10 people and let them know them know they have been tagged as well!

Here we go.

1. Iam very short.....4'11 to be exact.LOL

2.I just had my 1 year anniversary since my revert to Islam ( July 20,2009, alhamdullilah)

3. I have always loved school and school supplies, so much that Im working on my 3rd degree ( Doctorate of Pharmacy) and Im crazy about going back to school shopping at office max to get pens,planners, ect. Im soo type A personality.

4.I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I have to clean my apartment from top to bottom daily, and I must vacuum before I leave the house,no matter what. I have to come home to a vacuumed house. Its a must.

5. I want to have 4 children,insha'allah. I love kids and I cant wait to be a wife and mother. Its taking longer than I had anticipated.....sigh.

6. Im addicted to starbucks,a 5 pump vanilla,5 pump chai,soy no water chai to be exact.

7. I am a bookworm, I absolutely love to read,read,read!! When I was a little, I use to check out 20 books at a time,until My parents restricted me to 5 at a time.

8.My sister and I are born on the same day,4 years apart!! My dad took her to the mall to buy her shoes (at 4 she loved shoes!) to keep her busy since her party was cut short by the birth of her baby sis, Moi!

9. If I had time to go back to school for another degree,it would be in history since thats actually my favorite subject.

10. I am addicted to sweets: candy,cakes,you name it, although Im lucky because Im still a size 2.

I tag:

M.J. from a Muslim wife
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Ange from Hegab Rehab
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Salaams,its been a while.

Salaams everyone, Im sorry I havent posted anything new in a while. I have been sick and soo busy with work lately but I have missed blogging so much! Not much new going on in my world. In 2 weeks Im going on a cruise to the bahama's and Im soo excited for a vacation,alhamdullilah! I even looked up some masjids in the bahama's and hopefully I will get a chance to visit them. I have been to the bahama's already but I am excited to go back. The shopping and aquarium in Atlantis are awesome and there is a lot to do. It should be a good trip,nice and relaxing and exactly what I need. After this trip, I plan to start preparing for ramadan, which is not that far away, isnt that something!! I cant believe its almost that time of the year again and I plan on it being a better one that last year for me. I am improving my deen and insha'allah I will be a better muslimah this upcoming ramadan. I plan to do lots of studying and reading to get prepared and I plan on buying a really nice abaya for Eid. WOW, that sounds crazy to be talking about outfits for Eid already. Whew! Where did the year go??? Alhamdullilah, we survived another year.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today is my birthday :)

Salaams everyone, today is my bday. Im not doing much, just relaxing at my parents house. Ironically enough, its my sisters bday too. We were born on the same day 4 years apart, isnt that weird?? People always ask me does it bother me and I always say ofcourse not,for one, I dont know any other way and besides I love my sis to death, there is no one I'd rather share it with. So Im just chilling on the deck, listening the water from the fountain and thanking Allah (s.w.t) for blessing me with another year. Salaams. Here are some pics I just took. Im just sitting here, as you can see in the pics, and Im thanking Allah for all the blessings I have in my life. Its has been rough year for me ( only by my standards because everyone says Im spoiled, nothing major has happened) and Im starting to feel better about things and about life alhamdullilah.


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