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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love these colors, they both are sooo brilliant and really pop for the summer. I particulary like yellow, although a lot of people steer clear of it. It works really well on me, so I wear it a lot. I think the yellow looks soo cool with this teal dress,which is awesome. I love one shoulder dresses!!

What do you think?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

As salamu alaikum sisters, I found this article on the things you should support a new muslims on the sisters area of islam

1. You should give the new Muslim the feeling that Islam is a perfect religion, its source is divine, and it is totally inclusive. You have to emphasize that there is no truth but the truth of this religion.

2. You should clarify to the new Muslim that Islam erases every sin before it. Otherwise, he will keep thinking about his previous sins. You should make it clear for him that the moment he converted to Islam, his records became clean, and if he was Christian in the past, he will receive twice the reward from Allah. ( alhamdullilhah!!!)

3. Assure him that the only reference for Islam is quraan and sunnah, not the wrongdoings of Muslims. Only Qur’an and Sunnah can define what is right and what is wrong. Ok this one I personally love because all though I love my new family in islam (meaning brothers and sisters I meet) I feel as if they can be very judgmental and this can turn off those learning about islam. I know a few people who are sooo freaking judgmental and all I hear is this is not what to do and so on. I mean, call me crazy but just because we are muslim doesnt mean we know everything and everyone else knows nothing. It doesnt give us the right to judge and be so critical of others. I often hear people talking about whats true hijab and such but I guess although I wear proper hijab meaning my full head,ears,neck and chest are covered, I dont judge those I see who arent in correct hijab because, for one, its not for me judge.Dont get me wrong, giving advice or steering sister in the right is not being judgmental, Im referring to when its more than that.

4. Advise the new Muslim to read Qur’an, Hadith and Serah as often as possible.

5. Advise him to take care of his personal cleanness in all its types, (Ablution, Ghusl…etc.)

6. He should perform prayers in time, and you should point out the importance of praying in Gama’ah.

7. It is very important that the new Muslim lives in an Islamic environment. This will help him to obey Allah, mainly by keeping him away from sins, and wrongdoings. I think this one is very important and for those who are lucky enough to live in a islamic country, you are soo lucky alhamdullilah!! I can go a whole week with out recognizing another muslim :(

8. Take the new Muslim to a nearby mosque. It is better to have someone from the neighborhood accompanying him and following his progress. Ok, I can totally atest to this, see my post on my first experience at the masjid.

9. Let the Imam of the mosque know about this new Muslim, and remind the Imam to take special care of him.

10. Advise him to read and learn more about Islam. It is better if he can dedicate some of his time to do that, whether by himself, or with a group. I wish I had a group to learn with.

11. It is very important for the new Muslim to ask about everything he doesn’t know or can’t understand. He should try to contact scholars or at least ask anyone he trusts. So true,

12. Try to know about his financial status, and help him as much as possible to make him feel friendlier. It will be more encouraging to have his salary raised a little, if you are in a position to make that possible. I dont get this one. LOL

13. You should make it clear to him, that his conversion to Islam would cause him some problems. Allah is testing his faith by these problems. He can always handle these problems by referring to Qur’an and Sunnah.

14. You should emphasize the importance of Monotheism and Islamic belief basics. You can provide him with a book that explains these important things in a simple way.

15. Try to keep him away from his previous atmosphere, and to involve him in an environment that suits, and helps his development as a Muslim.

16. Try to engage him in some Islamic activities, and provide him with important books and recorded lectures. Yes, yes, I agree. I had the best time when my future sil and I went to this lebanese restaurant and to an islamic bookstore/everything store. I purchased sooo many cool islamic item, prayer gowns, prayer rugs, books on the deen, and much more. I say this is high on the list of things we as muslims should do with newcomers.

17. Try introducing him to group from his nationality. The communication between them will be easier; he can also have lessons with them.

18. He should feel that he is important and loved by everyone, because of his conversion to Islam. Giving him a gift would be a good start…

19. Make it clear to him that the problems he faces have occurred to every new Muslim, so they are expected. Try to follow-up with his problems, and help him solving them, so that he can handle them without doing something terribly wrong.

20. There should be a simple approach that helps him to learn Arabic language (reading and writing), In order to be able to read quran by himself and understand it. ( Iam currently learning to speak and read arabic, soo neat!!)

I just wish all the he's werent there and were replaced with he/her and him or her.

Other than that I thought this were wonderful tips to offer a new muslim. But I want to know what tips would offer to a new muslim,lets try to build on this list because Islam is overwhelming. I would love to meet a new muslim (though I am new myself) to help make the transition easier for them and to offer them encouraging words of advice.


Monday, May 4, 2009

To all my muslimah bookworms

Salaams, I dont know if any of my readers are bookworms like myself, but I love to read!!!!! I am currently reading A Thousand Spendid Suns by Khaled Hossieni. It is amazing and I will finish it tonight or tomorrow. I just started it this afternoon! Its sooo good. I read The Kite Runner ( by the same author) over the weekend and it was the BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!! Alhamdullilah, this author is excellent! I am also reading From My Sisters Lips, by Na'Ima B Robert, which is pretty good too. I love to read and I am always looking for suggestions. If there are any other muslimah bookworms out there, tell me what your reading!! Share your summer reading list with me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Salaams everyone and thanks for your comments and advice. Like many of you suggested I went to you tube first and I watch a couple videos. Now I realized what I had been doing wrong all along. The way you wear a square hijab:

1. Wear a cotton underscarf!! Everyone doesn't like to wear under-scarves but it makes wearing a square hijab (the silky kind) so much easier. You dont have to show the underscarf if you dont want to,you can cover it completely,but it makes the hijab not slip as much and stay secure.

2.Take the square hijab and fold it into a triangle. I will call each peak of triangle different letters, A and B.

3. Bring the hijab over your head and leave one side a little longer. Leave side A for example longer than side B.

4. Take the hijab and fold it in by your temples on both sides and then pin it underneath your chin with a safety pin. ( By folding it you will smooth it out so it lays to your head and face neatly)

5.Take the longer side B and wrap it around as far as it will go and pin it twice, one midway around and the back of your head and second pin it to where ever it ends when you wrap it around. Maybe near you collarbone.

6.Take the shorter side A and pin it to you shirt,this is great because it stays in place and looks nice.

Ta Da, your finished, However, I just re read this and it doesnt sound easy to do with out seeing pictures, so here is a video on you tube, made by another hijabi's, not me..



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