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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A look at city sisters

Salaams sisters, I just wanted to share a little about info with you all today about a show that comes on the islam channel called city sister. Unfortunately here in the states we dont have this channel, actually Im not sure what countries do but how lucky are those who can take advantage of the islam channel. The website has so much cool info, alhamdullilah! I have seen city sisters posted on a few other muslimah websites but I bet there is a lot of sisters who dont know about it. City sisters is a show that comes on the islam channel weekly and group of muslimahs sit around and discuss issues such as islam, women in islam, hijab,family,fashion, recipes,ramadan and more. The awesome thing is even if you dont have this channel, you can watch the vid's online at their website.

Here is a video called revert special that deals with issues concerning converting to islam,
for newbies like me :)) Part 1&2

Here is video about preparing for ramadan Part 1&2:

Here is a video about becoming a mom for the first time ( M.J.- This is for you :) Part 1&2

Alhamdullilah these ladies do a wonderful job masha'allah on educating us muslimah on many different topics. You can go to their website and find many more cool vid's on a variety of topics. I hope you all found these interesting and as useful as I.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I think this dress is sooo cute for a nice summer occasion such as a wedding. With the matching magenta scarf and cami, you can be cute, comfortable and in hijab. I heart those juicy couture gladiator much I think I have to find them! I love the dress too, sooo pretty and glam. I love pink!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Back

Salaams all my sisters in islam. Im Back.LOL. I have taken a much needed break from life, blogging, work and everything else. Prior to my vacation, I had been working a lot of hours and finishing a rough semester in pharmacy school. Im earning my doctorate of pharmacy ( pharm.D) and I have to say I am quite sick of school. I did the traditional college thing and went right after highschool to get my bachelors and my masters. I am now finishing up the pharm.d and had plans to go to law school as well but enough is enough. Iam tired of school and Iam ready to begin the next phase of my life. Marriage and children,insha'allah. Its hard finding the right person for you, ya know? I think I may have found him but I also have many reservations, which is not a good sign to me. Anyhow, I have been extremley busy and I went to washington d.c for a week on vacation. I am in LOVE with that city and I will definitly be moving there after graduation. I think what attracts me the most is the diversity I see all around me. I have to say the best thing I see while there is Muslims everywhere!!! Alhamdullilah!!!!! I love it. I feel so comfortable there. When I am in the mall or something, particulary Tysons corner, I am amazed. Sisters everywhere!! I must have visited 7 muesuems and guess what else?? I was on my way to the holocust musuem the day of the shooting!!!! I was walking down the street towards it when all of sudden I start hearing all this commotion, cops everywhere, helicopters above. I find out there has been a shooting at the museum and I am speechless because I was on my way. All I can say is Allah Akbar. Wow, I felt terrible for the victim and blessed that Allah spared me from witnessing it. Even still I love D.C. Its so wonderful and when I feel my deen slipping it would help to have a nice muslim community to be a part of. I feel like an outcast here sometimes. Most of the sisters I see around town look very different from me...

Also sisters, do you ever go through bouts of depression and you wonder what you did to Allah to make him upset. I know this sounds silly but I have been having the roughest time lately. My parents blame themselves because they say by spoiling me when I was a child, I have a unrealstic view of life and to a certain extent this is true. I have never struggled financially,mentally, or emotionally and now I feel a mess all around. I was making such progress with my deen and trying to do the right thing with my hijab and prayers and I feel like my love actually got harder instead of easier, which is what I anticipated. I thought if i did right by Allah, Allah would do right by me. Now before you misunderstand me. I know everyday I wake up that Allah has done right by me and actually I can work all of my life being a good muslim and will never be able to repay Allah for all he has given me. Iam soo thankful and grateful for my life and I have a great one. I just feel as if I am having a lot of bad luck lately and Iam down about it. My future MIL has told me what I am going though is typical because she said Allah only test the Believer. Prior to reverting to Islam, life was good and easy. Since my conversation, I have gained so much knowlege alhamdullilah, but I also experience many hardships. I feel like shayton has made it his personal business to ruin my life and Iam like why me Allah??? I was really like starting to feel like things were going my way and now all of sudden my life is totally craZy, unorganized and I dont even know where to begin on damage control??!!!

Partially my blues come from the fact that my birthday is coming up and I think every year around my bday I start evaluating my life and I when I fall short of my goals, I am extremley hard on myself. I never thought I would still be not married and have no children. I know I have plenty of time ( Im not even 30 yet) but why do I feel like my clock is ticking?! Does anyone else have these concerns. Now that I am muslim, I feel like it will be harder to find a mate.Especially in the city Im in...Like I mentioned before, I guess I am engaged but I dont know if he is the one...

I know need to grow up and realize that everyone has it rough and its not personal. Allah loves me and this I know. I am not even close to where I need to be and honest I may have taken a few steps back. Make duas for me sisters because I have been to struggle with things I have never struggled with all my life. In my time of need when I should be running to Allah (s.w.t) I find myself running the opposite direction. Isnt this backwards??? Yes, I realize this.I am praying that I can get back on track, I am sure it wont be long. I mean dont worry, Iam not totally digressing.Like doing haraam things like drinking and stuff. I just have been slacking on my prayers ( NOT COOL) and other stuff.....well I think I have vented enough and I miss reading blogs and posting stuff, so Iam back!!!! I love you all for the sake of Allah :)


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