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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Follow up to how to wear square hijab,

Salaams everyone and thanks for your comments and advice. Like many of you suggested I went to you tube first and I watch a couple videos. Now I realized what I had been doing wrong all along. The way you wear a square hijab:

1. Wear a cotton underscarf!! Everyone doesn't like to wear under-scarves but it makes wearing a square hijab (the silky kind) so much easier. You dont have to show the underscarf if you dont want to,you can cover it completely,but it makes the hijab not slip as much and stay secure.

2.Take the square hijab and fold it into a triangle. I will call each peak of triangle different letters, A and B.

3. Bring the hijab over your head and leave one side a little longer. Leave side A for example longer than side B.

4. Take the hijab and fold it in by your temples on both sides and then pin it underneath your chin with a safety pin. ( By folding it you will smooth it out so it lays to your head and face neatly)

5.Take the longer side B and wrap it around as far as it will go and pin it twice, one midway around and the back of your head and second pin it to where ever it ends when you wrap it around. Maybe near you collarbone.

6.Take the shorter side A and pin it to you shirt,this is great because it stays in place and looks nice.

Ta Da, your finished, However, I just re read this and it doesnt sound easy to do with out seeing pictures, so here is a video on you tube, made by another hijabi's, not me..



Random Muslima said...

MashaAllah I love the point she covers her chest!

the mrs. said...

thanks! can't wait to try it

Mona said...

This is great, I like how that looks.

M.J. said...

wow, now that is a new style. thanks!

Hajar said...

O-hey~! This is how I normally wear my hijab~ ^^ Yours sounds way complicated for me ... at most I'll use are 3 pins. But in most cases, 2 is more than enough. :)

Anonymous said...

This is very beautifull my Sister, do u know any other ways for wearing square hijab just much much smaller, I have quite few, but have no idea how to wear it...

thank you any way:)

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