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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer is approaching and Im nervous...

Salaams sisters. Summer is approaching and although I converted to islam last july and it was still hot then, I had yet to wear hijab properly. Now that I do wear my hijab everyday the right way, I am so nervous about the upcoming summer season. I love clothes soo much but I love Allah more so I know I will do the right thing insha'allah but Im still nervous and on top of that I feel like I no longer have a fabulous wardrobe! It has been relatively easy to convert my late winter/early spring wardrobe into a hijabi wardrobe but there is no hope for my summer wardrobe. I have so many cute tanks and capris and dresses and I dont know what to do about them. I can wear cute cardigans with some stuff and now the search is on. I have to buy every cute little sweater I can find. I feel like I seriously need a little a thousand to get on the right track and I plan on investing a lot into my new wardrobe. I dont think I should have to give up feeling cute and comfortable just because Iam wearing hijab. I plan on going to the gap or express and buying a lot of cute long sleeve cotton shirts, and 3/4 sleeve tops. I have also seen some super cute long dresses that will be perfect with a cute cardigan. At least Iam cool in the shoe department. LOL. But I need to buy a ton more scarves, accesories,and hijabs. I really like starscarves because they are cute and affordable and get this...I am actually in the process of buying a..drumroll..ABAYA!!! Alhamdullilah for how far I have come and I have all my sisters to thank for giving me inspiration and letting me know I can do it. Blogging has been the best thing ever for me and I so glad I stumbled upon beautiful muslimah a year ago because blogging has really made my conversion to islam a lot easier. Well thats all for now. :)


Anonymous said...

im trying to get ready for my first summer wearing hijab too! i've bought a few things, but need much more. if you can, post what you wind up buying...i always like to get new ideas :)

Mona said...

You are absolutely right, you do NOT have to give up being cute! It is hot, but you get used to it, besides everyone is hot, even those in shorts and tanks.

Random Muslima said...

Abayas are the BEST for the summer with simple cotton scarves (long amiras) or khimars that allow wind A/C ;)

zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum I would have to agree you really dont have to give up being sharp to be a servant of Allah(swt) ,masha Allah. You can still be in style while remanining who you are , without losing yourself while following the guide lines of Islam . As you may know there are many blogs that sisters have which showcase really sharp ways to hijabify our outfits (smile) as for abayas I have lots of abayas I love them , you can do a little of both, Insha Allah . Good luck , ukhti. As salaamu alaikum

Jamilah said...

One golden rule to keep in mind... it CAN'T be tight... none of it. The arms of your long sleeve shirts should not cling AT ALL, and your jeans should not be leg hugging.. it all has to be loose. If someone can tell you have a nice figure, go back and start over. Perhaps start buying things bigger than usuall from the chain stores, and start to get some items from islamic stores like - granted this site is expensive, it will keep you covered in the proper way. And its great that you are buying an abaya, in the end its the safest way to go

Inspired Muslimah said...

AA:Definitly, Iam in the process of doing a post now that will show what I have bought and plan on buying for the summer.

Mona:Yes sis this is true, I was hot in my capris and tanks!

Random Muslima: This is a good suggestion sis, I just dont know if I am ready to switch over to wearing abaya's full time yet. LOL

Zainab1:I know I have a lofty goal in front of me. I know you can still be as cute as can be and in proper islamic fashion, I will strive to do this without compromising proper hijab

Jamilah: Yes I know it cant be tight. As far as long sleeve shirts I probably will have on a cute sweater or denium jacket over the sweaters.

Adventurous Ammena said...

sis... linen pants!!! wear ur cute dresses over baggy linen pants, with ur new little cardigans :D adorable!!

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

light cotton! this is the best thing to wear, skirts and all loose clothes in general are airy. i love to wear my abaya with some loose legged pants underneath to help keep me cool. it's all about the fabrics you use inshaallah!!

Inspired Muslimah said...

Adventurous Ameena:: Thanks sis thats actually a great idea. Iam soo short though...only 5'0, do you think I can still pull it off?? I love linen!

Lazeena Umm Yusuf: Another great idea, I think its definitely about the materials. I just have to shop wisely.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Exactly my same feeling sister, just yesterday I was asked a question that all of you probably have to prepare yourselves for. It may sound so simple but it's effect is...i just don't know.


I muttered something and walked away, I'm really bad with come-backs!
So yea, prepare your quick wittiness now, lol!

Lisa said...

I just drove by Express this morning and almost everything is 70% off right now. I hope you find a cute abaya to match your beautiful new hijabi glow. Mashallah, I love you so much is.

Anonymous said...

I wore baju kurung while in Malaysia (HOT Weather!) and thought I was going to burn up.. Baju kurung is this long two piece. The shirt goes to the knees, and the skirt goes to the floor, of course it is long sleeve.. Well, I wore it and the breeze flew right up the skirt and was instant A/C.. It was better than shorts and a t-shirt!! You will do just fine sis! =) The long skirts are really comfy and breezy during the hot months... Have fun shopping :) :) :)

Random Muslima said...

I know a sister who replied the "Aren't you hot wearing THAT?" with
"Well Hell is hotter". I am not going on if I think it was quite approapriate but she sure was ready with words.

usually people I talk with have asked that just polite and I have told them I use cool fabrics and actually the light fabric just covers and protects my skin and when the sun does not come in direct conrtact I am less hot actually... but I do admit that it gets hot sometimes ;)

Jannah said...

Asalaamu alakikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear sis


U knwo - im in the same pligh t- im like ohhhhnoooo - what do i wear especially now the weather has begumn to warm up a little...!

Its really awkward at work too cos i feel like i wont be able to say when i feel hot or anything - i jusy dont want ot have to deal with comments sush as 'Yeah im not surprised' or soeething like that....

Hmmm!!! what does a hijabi do!

But its not too bad sis - as loose fitting clothes tend to keep you cool anyway - i have a long black maxi dress which inshallah i shall be wearing this summe r- its sooo floaty and im sure will keep me cool (She says!)

Sis where are u based? keep me psoted - id reallylove to share all your experiences with you - im sure ill be going thru them too in my world!

stay blessed

M.J. said...

yay sounds like a bunch of fun!!! enjoy yourself shopping :) and congrats on the abaya, what a huge step masAllah.

Maz said...

You should invest in a few maxi dresses. They are really modest and comfortable. :) said...

Dearest Inspired Muslimah,

Please browse my website at There you can find really breezy and comfy tops, abayas, and hijabs that are perfect for summer! Hope you find it useful :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Malaysia, and we have summer all year round. What i normally do is to find lot and lots of long sleeve in all colors.
do make sure that they are cotton (it makes lots of different).
i wear them with almost everything.
short sleeves shirt, sleeveless top/blouse/dress.
cardigans are a bit hot for me. I hate to sweat ! :P
I feel so lucky that i can get hijab friendly clothings here. Alhamdulillah.


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