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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hijabi in the pharmacy day 2

So I wore hijab to the pharmacy today, this was a different site than yesterday. I got a few compliments on how pretty I looked and I wondered did they think I was just making a fashion statement?? Eventually someone said to me " are you muslim?" and I said yes even though I think its inappropriate to ask me this. He then replied, I would have never know. This was such a wake up call to me and it made me feel horrible. I dont know exactly what he meant by it and he didnt say it mean or anything but still, he was surprised that I was a muslim. This made me think a lot about my behavior and how I carry myself. Am I carrying myself like a muslimah even when I do not wear hijab? Perhaps thats the significance of wearing hijab because it makes you be in remembrance of Allah (s.w.t.) at all times. When I am in hijab I do carry myself in a different manner, I watch my words,what I watch on tv,or what music I listen, I watch myself to avoid backbitting and participating in useless gossip and more. I am seriously having a rude awakening this week. I can admit that when I am in hijab I am a overall better person. Alhamdullilah the light bulb has finally turned on!!! However sisters, this doesnt mean I dont miss my hair sometimes. I think the key to being a successful hijabi is having confidence. Something I didnt have before when I wore hijab and it was like a hardship on me. But this week I have woken up excited about wearing hijab and I even ordered $100 worth of scarves and pins and undercaps from a store called star scarves?? I will post more about that later. I feel so different this week.Proud to be muslim,proud to have on my scarf. This is the firs time I have felt this. Make duas for me that this continues and I continue to wear hijab. Salaams


Jaz said...

Salam :) Where do you live? Maybe he just didn't know it's Muslims who wear hijab. You'd be surprised, I mean I didn't realise that some people didn't really know the difference between Muslims and Hindus etc. lol, just doing it is good enough. You should post up the pics of the scarves and pins you bought!

Saloua said...

Salaam sister
i understand how you feel.
But for em i do nto miss showign my hair, for me i used to wake up at 6.30 to style and straighten my hair, ruining it for the sake of fashion and looking good.

The weeks following up ot me wearign hijab, i actually met hijabi girls my age who were lovely. First time i met hijabies, and even though they wore hijab, and soem wore abaya they still had fun, still smiling and friendly to me and were nothing like i had percieved them before. I was born muslim but never lived in an aera with sisters. All the girls i grew up with were like me born muslim and didnt wear hijab and had a normal western life.
But first week i met them at university and by the second week i had gone to H&M bought a blue hijab and my first long tunic. The next day i woke up i didnt even think about it, although when putting on the scarf i started to get butterflies, it did taek me an hour trying on different styles the night before and in the morning instead of waking up at 6 to do my hair i woke up at 7, and put my scarf on, took me 5 mins to wrap it nicely adn that was it. I never thought about it, it just seemed right. And i say this to all sisters that dont wear hijab, that day inshallah will come for them to, when they wake up and everything fits into place, your iman is taken to the next step. Alhamdulilah it has been 18months since i been wearing it. And i never regret a day.

But i do understand how hard it is, i mean i used to think the way i dressed matter the most, so if i was nto rocking ht latest hair style and fashion i wasnt accepted by people. But now i dotn care. I am still stylish i wear colourful hijabs, and nice abayas and long skirts but i wear it in criteria of hijab what is must consist of.
I also went through a period at teh start where i was trying to hijabify my old clothes. So i was trying to wear my boot cut jeans and tops. But realised they all needed to be kept out of strangers sights, and my clothes needed to be longer, looser and modest, so i gradually swaped it all for, long tunics, long sleeves, Long flowing skirts, Hijabs that cover my chest and neck and fullfill hijab requirements.
It takes time, but for everyoen its different.
My sister inlaw is training to be a phrarmcist (she wear hijab) she is in her last year along with my brother too. Mashallah so many muslims are in pharmacy :D

jazakallh khier

Ahxuan said...

Hijab or no hijab dun matter, all sisters in islam. :) I still love u for the sake of Allah

Random Muslima said...

Salamu alaykum, sometims people just try to be nice and give compliments for your scarf even they know it is a Muslim thing (atleast here everyone knows, I have only been mistaken to be a nun while wearing blue overhead with white underscarf, my mistake!) alhamdulillah.

And yeah, hijab should be inside out, not just the cloth we carry but the behaviour too.

May Allah make it easy for you to adopt the hijab in your daily life and heart.

Mona said...

MashaAllah that's great! I'm glad you feel so proud and happy.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Jaz: Thanks sis, I will post pics asap

Saloua:Thanks for sharing sis. I feel inspired from your story and hopefully in time I will be able to trade in the rest of my clothes for more modest clothes. I am starting to understand the importance of hijab...slowly but nevertheless...its coming.

Ahxaun: Love you too sis!

Random Muslima:I agree with you on that and thanks for the support sis!

Mona: Thanks sis,Alhamdullilah, maybe I will finally be on the right path.

lala said...

maybe the guys had experience or a certain understanding of muslim women - n u r the oposite i.e. a normal muslim girl, goin bout her business?

i get that with my culture, ppl say oh nevr took u for a.... cos apparently all...girls r stuck up, arrogant blah blah n the few positives such as i dont look like one...each to their own experiences!

i dont think i miss the hair so much, but i miss my earrings!! my big hippy earrings:S my lil sis whos not a hijabi yet now has my other hijabi sis n my jewellery n wears our earrings to her hearts content...inshaAllah she will don the hijab soon:)

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