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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My order from Starscarves arrived!!

Salaams everyone, I am soo excited! My order from star scarves arrived and I love my new hijabs. I ordered then sunday night( last week) and they arrived on thursday (though I just opened the package today), which is pretty fast for free shipping. Take a look below:

The only thing not pictured is the pink ribbon hijab pin, which is actually my favorite item. Its gorgeous,put for some reason it wouldnt clip to polyvore so oh well. Iam very happy with my purchase for the most part. I ordered 9 items total and my price was $101.91, not bad at all. I am finally learning the names of all the different styles, for example, the light pink hijab is a kuwaiti/mona hijab. My friend from Palestine just brought me back 4 scarves too, a pretty flowered green hijab,a orange and white silk hijab, a turqouise hijab and a magenta hijab, so all in all this week I got 9 new hijabs!!!!!!!!! Alhamdullilah!


Mona said...

Cute stuff mashaAllah congrats!

Majda said...

I love that site. The shipping is super fast and the it has a ton of scarves.

Empress Anisa said...

Enjoy your hijabs, darling... I'm sure you'll look beautiful, MashaAllah!
Take care of you.... ;)

Yasmin said...

Masha'Allah. I always love getting new things in the mail. Its like opening a gift you bought yourself. I really love the pink one. For some reason Ive been having a obsession with the color pink and bought myself a new bright pink hijab. Enjoy!!

Inspired Muslimah said...

Mona: Thanks sis

Majda: I agree, so cute and free shipping is unbeatable

Anisa: Sis, I am starting to feel pretty in my hijab,who would have knew?? LOL

Yasmin: Yes its exciting isnt it?? The hot pink is soooo pretty sis!!

Jamilah said...

They have some really nice stuff!! But their prices sister are a real rip off unless you spend a load and get free shipping or something. Really my friend brings those same hijabs less than half the price for me from Kuwait. But I can see that their quality is good though adn it seems from your statement that their not a hastle to order from. Well recently my friend opened a small store in her basement and I buy from her, and a sister I found on blogger name Lazeena I order hijabs from her too for good price. Ebay is really good too. That is the only place I can order from online because I can't find good prices on any of these hijab sites unfortunately, maybe I don't know enough?? lol I like that second hijab a lot though

Anonymous said...

jus wondering wat origin r ur inlaws from and wer u from sis

Jannah said...

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sis

First of all Congratulations on wearing the Hijab..

Mashallah its a small step but a giant leap insh'Allah!

I guess i just wanted to comment on the excitement i picked up from on your post. Bless you amazing and found it really sweet..

Ive been wearing hijab now for about 5 weeks now so am still pretty much a newbie... I guess readign your excitment is what i was feeling 5 weeks ago tooo

I wish id been blogging then so that I could share my experiences too...

Anyways. Well done Sis - truly.

Anonymous said...

as salam alaykum
I do not agree that shoes are allowed in Islam.
Prophet (pbuh) said that will come women who will make sound like horses while walking, this is this kind of shoes.
My dear sister this kind of shoes make noise and attention, men will look after you.
It is not allowed for modest muslim women to attract non mahram men.
It had also been forbeden to wear bransol which used women in pre islamic era, beacuse they were wearing it for getting attention whilest they were walking- to make sound..

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