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Monday, March 23, 2009

A day in the pharmacy..Hijabi first day!!!!

A day in the pharmacy
A day in the pharmacy - by Inspired Muslimah on

This is pretty much what I wore to my internship at the pharmacy today...and I wore hijab too!!! Alhamdullilah today is the first day I ever wore it at my internship.My coworkers and patients were all nice, no smirks or comments or staring. I guess I assumed because I have a large jewish clientele that it may be problematic but everyone was pleasant. I made my intentions to wear it to work all week and when I woke up this morning I made my prayers and went to work. I am tired of being a coward. Alhamdullilah today was a nice day!!! Allah Akbar!! I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I am at a different site tomorrow so I will keep you guys posted with the details but today is the first day I wore hijab and I didnt feel forced it actually felt right...can I be on to something??? Time will tell. I am not sure what came over me but lately I have just wanted to start wearing it constantly. Make duas for me as you know I have struggled with this in the past. I downloaded the quran reader to my iphone and now in my idle time instead of surfing the web I try to read a few verses of quran...just to keep me in remembrance of Allah at all times. I guess I am tired of struggling with these things and maybe Allah is answering my prayers to make it easier on me. Alhamdullilah!


Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Aww sis, I'm so happy for you! And I'm so glad that your day went smoothly too alhamdulillah. May Allah continue to make it easy on you! Ameen!

M.J. said...

Oh YAY!!! How awesome, masAllah!!! And your outfit looks so cute, I'm sure you looked great sis!!! I can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes inshAllah :)

Empress Anisa said...

Alhumdulillah.... good for you, sister!

May Allah (SWT) continue to make it easy for you... keep wearing it, try not to take it off... the more you wear, InshaAllah, Allah will make a way for you to be comfortable!

Muslim Hippie said...

MashaAllah,mubarak! May Allah give you strength and make it easy for you amin.

Jaz said...

Oh hey I love this post! I'm a Pharmacy student too so that's a really cool thing to hear! How is the interneship going? That's a gorgeous set and in sha allah you will find it easier to wear hijab in the future. I'm finding it really hard right now mostly because it's being forced on me.. although he should know I'll wear hijab for God and not for him. Anyway it looks like you have great style and I'm sure the hijab will look totally cute on you!

Inspired Muslimah said...

All: Thanks for the support my sisters in Islam. believe me when I say you all inspire me and I always try to tell myself, if they can do it so can I and I am finally doing it!

Rush said...

Salaam sister...oh i so know the feeling! I'm at that stage myself where im constantly thinking i should start wearing it...reading your blog has given me a bit of a push...just having some small hicups...pray that Allah guides me and helps me make the right decision! it helps a little knowing your not the only one who's sometimes a little scared! Insha Allah I hope you find wearing the hijab easier each day :)

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