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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Muslimah Goody Bag

Salaams ladies. Today I had such an amazing day. I hung out with my future sil and we had a blast. We went to this islamic bookstore,halal grocery store and a lebanese restuarant. Although I didnt order it i finally saw the dish Schwarma that everyone talks about. I ordered chicken and rice with salad and french fries and it was sooo yummy. I purchased some wonderful books masha'allah and I hope to share what I learn with you all insha'allah.

Islamic Verdicts on the pillars of islam vol 1 and vol 2.Vol 1: creed and prayer and vol.2: prayer,zakat,fasting,
and hajj

Great Women in Islam by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar

I also purchased a prayer rug, straight pins for my hijab,kohl, a miswack, and a little book i can keep in my purse called daily and occasional du'a.

In addition, I purchased some gyro meat,rice,seasonings, and a few other items from halal grocery store.

Overall It was a wonderful day Masha'allah!! I also recently purchased several new hijabs and 2 hijab pins, which I am anxiously waiting to arrive any day and Insha'allah I will post pics of those items as well. Its so different hanging out with muslimah's versus my other friends. My future SIL wears abaya and niqab so being around her really makes me conscious of my appearance and actions and I love this. She makes me adore hijab and all the girly things a muslimah can veg out on.I could have spent a million dollars in the bookstore!! I mean they had everything!!!!!! Books and books and books, videos, cd's,hijabs,abayas, paintings, and more. Everything islamic!! A girls dream!! I bought the hijab pins,kohl and miswak stick from there also. I am sooo pumped about the little dua book I bought for my purse, how perfect! I cant wait to read and share will you all everything I learn and on that note.. Iam off to read so I will write more later!! Salaams!


Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

wow mashaAllah, seems like you had an awesome day! i have two of those books, really good reads alhamdulillah. your sister in law seems awesome too, good to see you're already getting along with the future inlaws =)

Empress Anisa said...

All the books you bought I have except for the dua one... all great and essential!
Glad to hear to hanging with your positive SIL... stay sweet!

Random Muslima said...

mashaAllah oooh good old book shopping! My all time fav mashaAllah!

Ahxuan said...

U MADE the right choices of the books; they are good books. :) mashallah

Haniyya said...

assalamualaikum sis ! mashallah , i personally love the "great women of islam" its so inspiring. Love the prayer mat !!!


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Inspired Muslimah said...

Lazeena Umm Yusuf: Thanks sis, Yes Im pretty lucky my future inlaws are wonderful Masha'allah!

Empress Anisa:Thanks sis and the dua book is soo great and convenient bc I carry it in my purse and its nice to read when Iam out and about.

Random Muslima: Me too!!

Ahxuan:Thanks sis, I think I did as well.

Haniyya:Yes I am loving that book too!

Pixie said...

Salaam alaykom: Yay, love your choices, especially siwaak and and in books:D I just noticed that you had the same sajdah (mat) as me and it is my favourite one cuz it's green and reminds me of what I am praying since the Quiblah reminds me of all the first
mUSLIMs went through in Mecca for the sake of Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Pixie: Thanks sis, Thats neat we have the same prayer rug! I love it too! yes sis, I love the books I picked out, I literally read for hours and the little one is perfect because I keep with me at all times and I read it while Im at school or work, or if I just need to be reminded of the final goal which is pleasing Allah (s.w.t.)

zahra said...


THat Islamic fatwa for women is super hardcore - like no one should ever see your face ever and has some very misogynistic interpretations. PLease be cautious sister as you are new. If you adopt the most extreme, and lady unfriendly positions, it will be unsustainable and eventually you may question your faith. Please don't take it as an affront but so many women get pushed into the most strict interpretations which they readily adopt but later feel overwhelmed by. Also with your concerns over your soon to be hubby- proceed very very cautiously and take to someone you trust about your fears (even if they are non-Muslim). Unfortunately many of the Muslims believe in pushing marriage, even if it isn't to the benefit of the sister because they figure a marriage is better then no marriage. You are obviously very bright so use your brain.

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