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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blog police seriously on duty!

Ok so I have been holding my tongue for sometime about this. I have been having so much fun blogging but sheesh I am sick of people leaving negative comments on bloggers page about the contents of their blogs. I have noticed this sooo much on my muslimah sisters page. I have seen it on all the blogs i frequent. I mean beautiful muslimah is almost harassed! I personally love her blog AND Naeemahs blog and Yasmins blog and Aalia's blog and the hijabblog and I can go on and on..... Now, I am very opinionated and out spoken and I do not mind the same for other. But telling someone what he or she should blog or shouldn't blog about is just ridiculous. Or just being nasty in general about a bloggers post Here is a tip, if you dont like the bloggers choice of topics,post,or what not, then DONT VISIT!!!!!!!! I mean its not rocket science. I am not saying that you cant disagree with people,offer suggestions or advice not asked for, or simply state your opinion. But thats not what i have noticed. I have seen soooo many blogs where someone is actually telling them what they should or shouldn't talk about or focus on, or what hijabs they should should post.I mean this is totally taking the fun out of blogging. I thought this was a place where one could go and post random thoughts or whatever. Some post are significant others are just venting. Whatever the case, I always love the fact that go to all the different websites and see what people have on their mind whether I agree or not. This post was not directed towards anyone in particular ( I know your laughing naeemah:) But seriously guys lets respect each other and not be so bossy and judgmental. Allah (swt) can only do this. Lighten up everyone!


Anonymous said...

Lol:) My next blog post may be similar to this one:D Thanks girl! Well said.


Inspired Muslimah said...

LOL thanks buddy! We have to stick together!

Yasmin said...

Aww thanks...I love your blog too. I feel so loved right now :). May Allah reward you.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Thanks yasmin, I do love reading your blog as well as the others. I was just sick of people being mean! LOL

Habayeb said...

Salaam. Cool blog. About the topic..well unfortunately some peeps just don't understand in plain simple words.

Zaenab said...

yehh know what you mean, i guess everyone has something to say when it comes to hijab. but your right, the best thing to do is not to read their blog if you dont like what they're saying.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Salaams, Yes exactly. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but to be mean and leave nasty post just because you don't agree with the someone's version of hijab is not cool. You can respectfully disagree and that is fine and fair.

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