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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eid in is it for you??

Salaam, I haven't been blogging much this week due to the my school demands. This was was Eid alhamdulliah, and I didn't feel I could celebrate much due the insane amount of school work I had. This morning I had a huge exam which I honestly do not feel I performed well as I should. This is because I did find myself preoccupied with all that was going on for Ramadan and Eid. It wasn't until this week that I really understood how it must feel to be muslim in America. Raised christian I have always celebrated christmas and there is no bigger holiday in America. EVERYTHING shuts down to honor this time and to make it easier to participate in all the festivities. There is no school, work is shut down, malls are closed, you name it. All of these things help you to be able to just enjoy the time,spend time with family and friends,eat, pray,and just relax. However, this week was the opposite of those things for me. I was unable to really sit back and enjoy my first Eid. I couldnt attend the Eid prayer because I had a mandatory class and then I also had a huge exam this morning, that although I did take the day off on Tuesday to celebrate, I paid for it big time. My point is that nothing stopped all around you to allow you to stop and focus on this special time truly means, and that is disappointing to me..I know I may be just complaining but Its just kinda said for Muslims in America, how are biggest holiday is so disregarded. Inshallah next year will be different for me as I will try to plan better in advance so that I can be able to partake in all of the things this wonderful time offers.


Mina said...

Oh that's so sad sis...Sorry to hear you didnt take the time to enjoy the eid celebrations, but thats what happens when most of us are so busy with other things and we live in an unislamic country even if it is multicultrual:(

You havent celebrated Eid and fasted for Ramadan until you have visited a Muslim country and performed it there...its sooooooooo amazing walah, theres nothing quit like it.

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