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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Muslimah Sisters and Hijab

To all my muslimah sisters out there who are reverts,or those who were born muslim, I am just interested to know how long have you been muslim and how long did it take you to wear hijab,niqab,ect (If you currently wear one) and how did your families respond??

All feedback is appreciated. Shukrain!
I will start with myself. I have been muslim for a few months and I have studied Islam for 2 years. I currently wear hijab sometimes but I have yet to commit to fully wearing it everytime I leave the house. Inshallah I will be able to do this soon for the pleasure of Allah.


naeemah said...

Salams Taraya! I am not a revert, but I have been wearing hijab since I was a little girl (not forced or anything). I'm still pretty young and now I want to wear niqab. I think it will be beneficial for me to wear niqab as guys sometimes still bother me despite my hijab. Ugh, I know. But that's just a side reason. I do see niqab as being really beautiful and I would like to follow the sunnah. I would wear it right now, lol, but certain things are keeping me from doing it. My dad is not too supportive as I live in the US and he is worried about my safety. Not a bad reason..but we did have a big argument over it a while back so for now I think it's best for me to wait to wear niqab (even though I desperately want to wear it NOW!lol) Anyways, I'm also into fashion and I like to show people that niqab can be just as beautiful as hijab (there are many hijab fashion bloggers out there but I want to bring something new to the table with moi niqab fashion, lol) Sistas wearing niqab can rock it, and I like to give fashion inspiration to my fellow muslimas.

Anywho, sorry for the long post!lol, if I think of anything else I'll be sure to comment, and like I said you are always welcome to email me or comment me with any questions!

Love you for the sake of Allah (s.w.t.),


Inspired Muslimah said...


Thanks for taking the time to respond! Do you wear your hijab a ton of different ways ? I am experimenting with lots of new look although the really cool funky styles are a bit out of my league. LOL. Do you wear abaya's daily or sometimes?

naeemah said...

Salams! No problem, lol. Sometimes I'll try different styles, but mostly it's just a simple shayla:) And I wear abayas everyday, they're just so easy and convinient for me to wear on a day to day basis.

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Asslamualikum sis :)
well, im not a revert, but i do wear the hijab and niqab alhamdulilah.

i started wearing my hijab when i was eight. Yes, i know that is young, but it was more of 'i-wanted-to-wear-it' rather than knowing that i was suppose to wear it. My mum wears hijab and niqab too, and it always fascinated me, watching her wear it, so yeh i started it too.
I did find it difficult at first, since i was the second muslim girl to wear it in the entire school, but my interest and love kept me going, and i ignored all the negative comments.
The niqab arrived [lol] when i started high school, and that too was unexpected. Mum and i and gone abaya shopping, and she bought a new niqab, and i said i wanted one, just for experimenting in front of the mirror, and what do u know. The next morning i was a niqabi! alhamdulilah.

I still remember my mum telling me that first morning, that i shouldnt wear it, i should leave it for later on, i should study about it, and she was worried how it would effect my school life, but i shook my head, tied it , and raced out the door.

The teachings and value and importance came later on, althu i already knew that Hijab was a must.

Now when people ask me about my hijab/niqab [its been 4 years sicne i started wearing the niqab] it feels like one morning i got out of bed and i was a niqabi. alhamdulilah.

I wouldnt ever change it. I love my hijab and niqab! its become part me, and who i am :))

oh gosh i better stop, aplogizes for the essay!

thank-u for visiting my blog sis, u too have a lovely lil corner here.

stay smiling!

Yasmin said...

As-Salaam Alaikum,
I know you really want someone who is a revert, but hopefully this will be just as beneficial. I was born Muslim and I started to wear hijab when I was 3 years old. Yea, its young but I think it was a better option than me walking around the house in a winter hat when it was summer. I easily adapted to it and it felt natural. What made it easier was that I went to an Islamic school for most of my life, so everyone around me one, so I never felt misplaced.

When I got to public high school, I started to slip off a bit, like wearing my hijab in away that wasn't covering or wearing tight jeans and hijab, which is kinda a no no. But alhamdulillah Im stronger in my deen now. I started wearing n abaya after I got married previously and I absolutely love it. It's so easy to wear and no hassle about wondering if regular clothing is covering enough.

I used to wear my niqab also when I was married before because of all the people who used to try and talk to me, so as a safety measure. I never wore it because my husband told me to, but for my ownself and plus I thought it was beautiful and I felt good wearing it. But I had to stop because I started working and started to get to much negativity towards it. Im not sure if Im gonna go back to wearing it cuz of the town I live in, a military town, so I don't want any problems. But Im still gonna continue to wear an abaya no matter what. I think people are a little less threatened by it than niqab.
May Allah give you the strength and courage you need to wear hijab.
I also have a post on my hijab story so feel free to read...

Anonymous said...

As-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatuLLah!!!

Its always amazing to hear other sisters' stories... As for mine: I accepted Islam three years ago, alhamduliLlah. I started wearing hijab a little over three months post-conversion.

Whereas I always wanted to wear hijab, I was trumped by my talent at finding a different justifications for not wearing it; i.e. "I'll wait 'til [fill in the blank with relevant life stage]". So one Friday, I didn't take off the hijab after Friday prayer. I still haven't.

Gradually, by Allah's grace, I stopped wearing makeup (save for eyeliner), my clothes became baggier, and as of 6 months ago, I'm making a more concerted effort to always wear jilbab/abaya or reasonable facsimile thereof.

Niqab? Maybe someday, insha'Allah; I have considered it, especially when I draw unwanted attention because I am so animated when I talk. Nevertheless, I absolutely think niqab can be absolutely fabulous and have nothing for respect for all the niqabis out there.

Thanks for sharing!!

Was-salam, -N

Jamerican Muslimah said...


I became Muslim in 1991 and I started wearing hijab immediately. Like a lot of converts I wanted to do everything. I had so much energy. I also had a tremendous amount of pressure from people I was around to wear it. Yet I didn't know why I was wearing it. Eventually I took it off. I went through a phase for several years where I would put it on and take it off. Finally, after going back to relearn my Islam (including the reasons for wearing the hijab) I made the decision to wear it again. Alhamdulillah, it has been 7years now.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Alhamdullilah! It is wonderful to hear all these stories. I feel stronger already and I ask that you pray for me to be as strong as you all are everyday!

Naeemah,I will get in the mirror and start practicing my different styles and do you know after all that looking for an abaya for Eid I still never bought one but I received one as a gift on Eid! I havent worn it because I have to take it to the tailors first( Im kinda small :) but I planning on doing it ASAP.

[[[ x smiley x]]],thanks so much for your response, your story is wonderful marshallah! I hope to have your courage to not care what the others say soon Inshallah, I want to wear my hijab everyday,I am just getting use to the stares but I need to not be coward and do what Allah wants of us. I didnt mind the length of your story! Thanks for your time.

Yasmin, as salamu alaykum sister, thanks for sharing. So you wore your hijab since three, i think little hijabi's are the absolute cutest! Its good to hear others stories to of how sometimes they may have gotten away from it (not you sister personally) but just to be reassured. I did read your blog and I know you received abaya's from your husband for your wedding, thats awesome, Iam absolutly fascinated with them, I may be going to dubai next summer and I cant wait to go abaya shopping there.
Shukrain, Yasmin.

Nour, salaams sister, thanks for sharing. I am truley inspired from your story! That is great how you put it on one day and then just kept it on..I know this is an excuse but partly Iam just trying to let others around me get use to the fact that Iam muslim now like my friends and family, But honestly they should love and support me no matter what i do, especially in bettering myself for the sake of Allah. Shukrain for your response and I will check out your blog.

Jamerican muslimah, salaams and thanks for your response. I understand what you mean about wearing it and understanding why. Before I converted to Islam, I thought, I will convert but I dont know about Hijab. Interestingly enough, although I have converted and I do not wear hijab faithfully, I have totally changed my opinion on it and now i know I must wear,its the right thing to do and i want the respect of being muslim. I deserve that respect but unless I let others know, by dressing appropriately I cant yet demand it. Thanks so much Inshallah I will visit your blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Salam! Thanks for the sweet words.

We all arrived to Islam by different means and, accordingly, every situation is unique... Family/ friends/ support were a sensitive issue for a while, but now, alhamduliLlah, we're all rather excellent with each other. Please, please, please email me if you ever want to share whatever situations you encounter. Was-salam, -N

Inspired Muslimah said...

Salaams Nour,
I agree with you and thanks. I am hoping that soon everyone around me will adjust to be me muslim, (my family is really supportive), and that I may become more comfortable around them in my new muslim identity. I am also hoping that once i become stronger in my deen that Iam to share Islam with them and maybe make them a believer Inshallah. I will visit your blog and i will definitely feel free to keep in touch! :)

Inspired Muslimah said...

Nour, Iam not sure if I can see your blog for some reason, I cant get it.

hijabee said...

Assalamualeikum. I was born muslim and I started to wear the Hijab this Ramadan ( september). Growing up I did not know that the hijab was mandatory!Noone in my family wears it and I grew up in en enviroment where they were few hijabis. I thought it was cultural or those people were just more religious than the norm. Noone taught me I had to wear it. Till I guess few years ago, I started reading about Islam and doing some research to better understand my religion, I wanted to be closer to Allah. The first time I read it was mandatory and I read the verse in the Quran,I got scared coz I knew I was in the haram. However, my iman was not strong enough, I kept fighting the idea, I felt too comfortable in my environment, I did not want to be different. I was scared of people's reactions. I guess my iman was just low. Few months ago I really started thinking about it again, reading about it, watching videos about the hijab till one lecturer said: '' are you more scared of people than you are scared of Allah and that is why you're not wearing the hijab?''. That really stuck with me! I kept thinking about it day and night. Was I in fact more scared of people? That thought scared the hell out of me. I asked Allah to make it easy for me and guide me to wear the hijab. I kept on praying and praying, and I started wearing a little scarf ( not hijab style) when I was going to work.That was just covering my hair though, and I felt like I was maybe being a hypocryte, that did not really make me happy. One morning, I got up and wore it, just like that and I havent taken it off ever since. My mum told me to wait, not to war it now but then she accepted my decision. Even though, noone in my family's wearing it, they've learn to accept it and encourage me.Alhamdulilah. My husband was also very supportive. Sorry for being this long

Yasmin said...

Salaam alaikum, thank you for the kind words. Don't worry your family will get used to it eventually. They might seem like they don'tbut deep in their hearts they'll love you regardless. They'll see how much of a better person you have become since becoming Muslim.
I kinda had problems with my family and you think I wouldn't because I've been Muslim all my life. But when I got married before, I became a lot stronger in my deen and I don't think my family knew how to take it because they were used to the old yasmin, the one who was so americanized as you may say.

And then when I started to wear the abaya, they started to say I was backwards, 'stop trying to be an arab girl', 'this is america so dress like an american', 'why are you wearing a bedsheet?', why you dressin like a foreigner', all those negatuve things.
My brothers still say a lot but alhamdulillah my family came to accept it a bit more. I know they still aren't fully comfortable with it, but they tolerate it cuz they know this is who I am and what I wanna do. At least they have that respect for me.

Anonymous said...

Salaam! That's beautiful - that your family is supportive, alhamduLlilah. I share your sentiment. I pray Allah guide all our families to turn to Islam. I want nothing as badly as I want them to be Muslim someday, bi-idhniLlah.

As to my blog... oops! I was waiting to finish setting it up before opening it. But, now just work on it as it comes together visually ;) Please drop by and have patience - grad school makes all things take forever!

Nourah said...

Assalamu alaikum sister, I did not revert to Islam, but have been wearing hijaab full time since I was 13. It was something very natural, as my mother wears hijaab also.
Its the other people that tends to give women who wear a scarf a hard time.

Growing up, I switched schools so I would be able to wear my hijaab.

On the first day of school, I was soo nervous to how the other kids would say. Funnily enough, they didn't even notice much that my hair was covered....they were too busy looking at the length of my school uniform skirt--which was too my ankles. lol, they had never seen a skirt as long as mine.

Alhamdulilah, I had very open-minded teachers and friends in high school who looked at me no differently because I wore a hijaab.

Mina said...

I've been wearing mine since I was very little:)

Inspired Muslimah said...

As Salamu Alaykum, Hijabee, Mashallah! That is sooo wonderful and inspiring sister! So basically you just had the revelation you had been asking Allah for, Allah Akbar! I am happy you have increased your deen and keep me in your prayers that I may do so. Thanks for sharing!
Yasmin, Salam my sister, wow your story is really interesting. I am hearing that from a lot of sisters that when they increase thier deen although they come from a muslim family, they may not get the support you would expect they would get. I recently met a sister who told me of a similar story, she was born muslim but didnt wear hijab. This year she started to wear it and the first thing her mother and sis said to her is, arent you hot in that thing? Why do you have that on? And keep in mind they were born muslim..but just because your born into islam doesn't make you a muslim, if you know what I mean ( Her family is muslim but they do not practice) I am soo happy for you sis, in your new move, your new marriage, and the beginning of your new life!

Nourgonzalez, yes lets work to get our families on board Inshallah! I am working very hard at strengthening my deen so that I may be able to share Islam with others. Good luck to you as well :)

Nourah, Salam sister. Yes I completely understand, I can admit that what stands in the way of me and hijab are what others what think, more than I would like to admit. i am honestly ashamed of that but Inshallah I am working on myself and I am praying to Allah, who will forever provide me with insight.
I am in pharmacy school now and there are many muslims sisters in my school and one ONE wears hjab! Thats interesting I think but I wonder if its bc we are in a city that isnt that diverse and can sometimes be borderline racist..maybe that has a thing or 2 to do with it. Mashallah for that sister for being her self and pleasing Allah. I can honestly say that when I do began to wear hijab full time that I expect school to be one of my easier transitions, which is a good..maybe i will be blessed as you were when you began to wear hijab full time.

As Salamu Alaykum, do you enjoy wearing your hijab, or should I say when you were young, was it hard to wear hijab,as I am sure your comfortable now. ( Iam not implying that it was),Thanks for sharing.:)

Mina said...

Np not at all, I was and still am very comfortable and feel very priviledged to wear and to be a proud Muslimah:)

Anonymous said...

I am revert like u, wear it to work right now, been Muslim 3 months now, studied it for a year, live in town wear I am only Muslimah wearing a scaf.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Im revert also, now one year and half almost. Im very sorry for my bad english, im from Czech Republic (central europe). So english isnt my native language but Inshaallah u will understand me :).
Im very happy that i found ur blog. Its very very nice one.
Im vearing hijab about one year now. In my country are very few muslims. Almost noone. And the ones who are here they are very strict, so it cant happen that someone will go to make shopping with me :).
We dont have here any shops for muslims, and only one shop for halal meat (very expensive).
Also is very hard for me to learn about Islam, i have translation of Quoran and some hadith in my language. But even in english i cant understand everything.
But alhamduliallah. I have got a work, where i can wear hijab and noone looks at me bad. So im very happy for it. My family accepted (suprisely) that im muslim :)But my country has very negative view about muslims. Sometimes they are sending me to go back to desert etc. But also some people say that i have very nice scarf or they are interested about Islam so it makes me happy.
I wish if u can post here more sites with clothes which i can order and they will send it to my country also. I know my talking is confusing :)
So salam to all muslim girls :)

Inspired Muslimah said...

Salaams Nour,
Thank you soo much for the compliment and I am soo happy that you enjoy my blog. Inshallah I will be able to post so fashion websites for you. I didnt forget I have just been so busy with school, but I will definitely do it. thanks :)

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