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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I really love juicy couture! Pretty much anything they make. I want a dog and this in this pic,is how I imagine my doggy to look,because I will get him or her,that little doggy outfit. I want the new juicy couture perfume in this picture "Viva La Juicy" , I have the "juicy couture" perfume already. I decided to make most of these items juicy. The charm-bracelet is so, so cute, I have that exact one. This is my outfit that I will wear today to go do what you ask?? Study ofcourse! Thats all I have time for!

I also love the color pink so I am always looking to incorporate it in my outfits. Missing is my pink scarf, I will wear as hijab. I couldn't find one like it on polyvore, so just use your imagination!


Anonymous said...

Sephora has the Juicy Couture perfume and the Viva la Juicy fragrances as mini rollerballs! For just 16 dollars each, so check em out:D Cute set too btw.

Zaenab said...

cute set, i love it :D

Inspired Muslimah said...

HH: Oh really wow. I must check that out. I love sephora, thanks for the tip sis.

Zaenab: Thanks sis, juicy is just so fun.

alyssa said...

I have juicy courture glasses, belive it or not. Yes! They make glasses (not sunglasses)! I also love juicy c courture.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Alyssa: I love juicy everything!!

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