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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter blues

I dont know about you all, but winter is my least favorite season. Here its like we get 6 months of winter, from october to april. It will literally snow that much!! It snowed all weekend here it and its depressing. I hate driving in the snow, you have to plan for a much longer commute from a to b, its just a mess. I think Im going to trade my car in for a SUV. I dont plan on being here much longer but I need a suv to make me not go insane. The problem with SUV's is gas is soo expensive, although its unbelievably cheap right now, but how long with it last?? I totally have the winter blues. Iam totally not an inspired muslimah, I should change my name to uninspired muslimah. Eid is tomorrow and I have an exam,so most likely I cannot even attend the prayer. Thats the cost of being muslim in America though. It really sucks! I have 2 more weeks of school to wrap of this semester before I have 2 whole weeks off, alhamdullilah!! I cannot wait. I will work on my blog, read quran, rest, and just get rejuvenated. Eid Mubarak everyone, is what I should be saying instead of crying about my life, Iam just down right now. I think I am getting sick..I have had this sore throat for a few days now.Today I literally have a test to study for tomorrow,a paper to finalize, a paper to type and 2 other assignments that I need to complete...:( Iam so unmotivated,make duas for me everyone, I have a long 2 weeks coming up and I seriously need a boost.


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