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Monday, January 26, 2009

Amendment to blogger tension post

Salaams everyone. My last post wasn't meant to offend any one and I certainly wasn't talking about anyone in particular. In MY opinion there has been a lot of tension amongst the bloggers. I didn't name anyone and I am not pointing fingers at anyone. That is not my point.As for mentioning particular topics that I did name such as race, taxes,Obama, hijab versus non hijab, my point was to say I am surprise with the tension that comes after these post. Like ok so a sister post something regarding whats on her mind, one of the above topics and then other bloggers start to comment and I am surprised at some of the comments I read and how it almost turns into an argument. I am not saying people shouldn't post whats on there mind regardless of how everyone else reacts too it.I dont blame the blogger, I am just surprised about some of the comments because everyone is entitled to post what they want. I hope I am clear because I am not a fan of the blogger police that go from blog to blog telling this person what he or she should blog about and I have said that on my occasions. Its your blog and you can talk about what you want. Its funny because the whole point of that post came across exactly the opposite of what I wanted. And lastly to the comment I made about the sis who mentioned people following her blog and not commenting and I mentioned this happens to me, I was saying anything about you sis in particular not commenting on my blog. I just meant in general. You are one of the few sisters who do take the time to comment on my blog so I am surprise you thought you were one of the people. Regardless, no one owes it to anyone to comment and I have read comments that said if they dont feel as if they can participate in the conversation, they will not comment at all and I couldn't agree with you more!


أم ترافيس said...

Yay! I get a post just for me... Im soooo cool! LOL... I responded to you on your last post... dont worry hun.. ok? I was thinking about something else when I wrote that post, but was just inspired by you to write my own feelings down... and you are right... people need to chill out in blogger land... I feel like I am in grade school all over again... For now on, Im gonna have some blogger attitude... hehehehe no no I wont... but I have recognized who I am and what I believe more through my writing and if *some* people want to argue in a mean way... than *blow raspberry* Meanies. Go back to manner school... hehe... Love u in Allah sis :) welcome at my blog(s) always!

Haniyya_Sturm said...

Assalamualaikum sis !

if i knew you were writing a new post i would have replied here. LOL...literally after sending my uber long msg i saw this post :P !

Anyways, you have got mail..the mail i promised u since last week. Sorry for the delay !!! Love you sis


M.J. said...

LOL ohhh my gosh, I can NOT believe you had to apologise for that post!!!!!! That is so wrong!! InshAllah everyone is all on the same page down, wow!

M.J. said...

hmm i just read the comment you're talking about and just wanted to say i had mistakingly thought a bunch of people had jumped on you for that post. looks like it was just a miscommunication thing though, alhamdulilah. i've never really seen umm travis mean so i wouldnt worry about it, sis!!! you're so sweet to make sure things are clear between the two of you anyways. masAllah that's how ALL of us should be acting towards eachother!!

Inspired Muslimah said...

To all my sisters: Yeah I think everything is cool now, it was a miscommunication and I happy to say its all good now, though it had never got out of hand. I just wrote the amendment post to clarify what I had sad because I didnt want to isolate any of my sisters.

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