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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am soo excited about this upcoming weekend. In 2 days my family and many of my friends will be traveling to washington d.c., to attend the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States..whoo hoooo BARACK OBAMA BABY!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo pysched about this. I am packing my clothes as we speak. We will leave on friday and probably just relax at familys house. On Saturday I will spend the day between shopping and doing some site seeing. I have been to DC plenty of times but I have never took the time to do some of the more touristy type stuff like see the museums and capital and stuff. I am a huge history buff and because there is much going on,these activities will be more fun than usual. I will wear something like this:

DC outfit
DC outfit by Inspired Muslimah
Because it will sooo cold in DC. The whole east coast is under a major cold front so unfortunatley It will be freezing in DC. I think I am most excited about the concert on sunday that officially kicks off the inaguration activities. The " We are one" concert will feature my favorite Beyonce!!! As well as Usher, Mary J Blige, U2, Springsteen, Garth Brooks,John Legend, Sheryl Crow, and more......Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah will be speaking. I am sooooo pumped about this. Its outdoors at the Lincoln Memorial so we will have to be dressed warmly. The concert starts at 2 pm and will be aired on HBO at 7pm, which I will have my DVR set to tape, so I can enjoy it again. This concert will probably dominate my Sunday since we will most likely be ice cubes once its finished. On Monday and not sure what we have planned but on Tuesday, we will attend the inauguration parade that begins at 2 pm. My mom,aunt, and friends all tried to get ticket to the parade which were sold on Ticketmaster for $25. OK WHY DID THEY SELL OUT INSTANTLY!!!!!! When I say instantly, I mean my mom was on the site an hour before they when on sell, with credit card ready, and at 12:59 she started typing in her credit card number and hit send at 1 pm and they were sold out!!! AMAZING!!! There were only 5000 tickets for the entire country and they were for balcony seats. However, you can still go to the parade without a ticket, you just dont have a seat. I plan on having a blast and taking a million pictures which I can post immediately from my iphone for you guys to see. I haven't been blogging too much lately but you can definitely plan to hear all about my weekend in DC.


Anonymous said...

Have fun girl!!!:) I wish I was gonna be there, DC is home sweet home for me! History will be made, inshaAllah!:D

Sarah said...

SAlaamz sis. you're lucky to be goin. i just know you're a new muslim and wasnt sure if you were aware, but listening to music is not permissible, instruments as well. i hope u have a good time. i too cant wait to see what obama has in store for the nation. i hope he acts fast on the gaza crissis

Anonymous said...

Inspired Muslimah
About the music, there is a difference of opinion as to whether it is haram or halal. I just wanted to let you know. Sarah-Please be very careful before pronouncing things to be "haram", esp. when you cannot say that music is, when the scholars differ. I'm not trying to start any debates, but inshaAllah we all have to do our own research on issues and we all have different opinions that we follow.

Sarah said...

yes but majority of scholars say it is haram. some say it is permissible but their support is weak in my opinion. but its best to stay away from something which is doubtful and thats the most important issue at hand. its something debated and then should be avoided inshallah just to be on the safe side. its something easy to avoid and its not a live necesity so inshallah we can learn to do without it. it took me a while when i became muslim but everything takes time right

Anonymous said...

Sarah, that is your opinion and it is valid. The majority of scholars do say that music is haram, there's no disputing that.

This is something that each muslim will have to research and in the end, people will choose to follow one of the opinions.

In my opinion, the scholars who do say music is halal are not weak.

My point is that each are completely valid in this case, and to say outright that music is haram, is incorrect.

If you are going to present one side of an argument, be fair and present the other:).

There is a difference of opinion when it comes to music.

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-Salamu-Alaikum Sister,
I am gald to see that you are excited and over your blues. Have a great time, tarik salaama. I can't wait to see your pictures.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Halal Honey: Thanks sis. yes I am very excited!!! Insha'allah I will post pics and provide details. Thanks for the advice about the music.

Sarah: Thanks for your advice as well.

Francesca Najea Lujan: Thanks sis. Yes definitely check back for the pictures. :D

Anonymous said...

Yea girl, I just wanted to look out for you. I have been slammed in the past by people saying that music is haram, while not mentioning that there are other opinions out there. There are things in Islam which the scholars differ on, and as long as we do our research and make our decisions based on truth, then inshaAllah God will be pleased with us. I'm not trying to tell you or anyone else to do, but as your sis I just wanted you to know:). Love you for the sake of Allah,

Inspired Muslimah said...

Halal Honey: You are truly my sister in Islam and I love you too! Thanks for being my sister because I need you!! I dont really know that much about the music situation and I can admit that I need to do some research on it. :D

muslimaz said...

Sister music leaks in to the heart and makes it weak. I don't think anyone needs a scholar to to tell you that, its jsut common sense. See how you feel when you listen to a song or move to the beat of a song. Anyhow it's possible that any music that's refered to as halal by the scholars of the past sure wasn't Beyonce and Ushers booty moving hits. Just take care sis and may Allah guide us all.

hijabee said...

Hey I didn't know you were coming in my town, lol. I hope you had as much fun as I dit :)

M.J. said...

salams sis, how was it?!

Inspired Muslimah said...

Muslimaz: Thanks sis

Hijabee:Oh my goodness I love DC sis!! Hijabi's everywhere!

M.J.: It was awesome sis, simply awesome!

Simone said...

I duno a single person whos benefited from music, its a disease, so addicting. anyone who says that music doesnt pump their blood and move their emotions isnt tellin the truth, because thats what it does, its like a drug. i mean i used to listen to it it aint easy to stop no one gonna do it overnight but its something we all should struggle to avoid, why not listen to nasheeds that focus on the deen!! orbetter yet listen to quran! i mean this is a medicine and the most worthy thing of listenin to all day and putting quran in your ears helps you with music withdrawl LOLZ

Jamilah said...

I'd have to agree with Muslimaz and Sarah... yes there may be another opinion out there,but that does not make it right. Once I read that you could shop around for a fatwah to suit any taste.. meaning that if you look hard enough you can find something that says anything is halal.

I also wonder why people want others to present both sides when they know in their heart that its wrong. It would be like saying the surgeon general says smoking kills you but the tobacco companies have experts that say its not. It is common sense...

Oh and sorry for hijacking your nice blog post...

Inspired Muslimah said...

Simone and Jamilah: Thanks for your advice sister and Jamilah its cool :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so clearly I've got some haters, LOL.

If the type of music that's listened to, there's nothing wrong with being moved by it, because the message would be a good one. For the record, not only nasheeds have benefit, other types of music do as well. Now I'm not hating on nasheeds, some of them are very beautiful, but most just do have that "soul!". That's my opinion. If music is like a drug for a person, then perhaps they should re-think their decision to listen to music. I do not think that one should listen to music if there is going to be more harm done than good. And of course Quran is the best thing to read and listen to!:) No argument there.

Like I said, there ARE other opinions out there, and to imply that they are not valid or do not hold much weight is not cool. I am not suggesting that we should "fatwa shop" around. As I stated earlier, one should base their decision on truth, and inshaAllah God will be pleased with us. I do not believe in my heart that music is wrong, and since you cannot read what's in my heart, back off. Realize that Islam is diverse and that there are differing opinions. Not everyone is gonna agree with you, whether you like it or not.

Inspired Muslimah
Sorry for cluttering your blog with replies to people like this, but I felt that I was being indirectly attacked, so to say, so I wanted to clarify what I meant. Maybe I will do a post on music on my blog. Take care ma, and love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such an awesome outfit combo. Do you actually wear that? I am so stuck in the 19th century. *sigh*

Inspired Muslimah said...

Salaams sis, thank so much! Yeah i own a lot of those items.the uggs, the jeans and the purse and then I have a lot of items similar to those.

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