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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ya Allah help us ALL!

My heart is heavy with all thats going on in Palestine. I will continue to pray to Allah for my brothers and sisters. Its soo terrible because why both parties continue to fight over Allahs' land, men,women and children are dying senselessly. Ya Allah help us all. Help those of us that think they are better than the next person. Allah thank you for making me so open minded and giving me the knowledge that I am person,no better than the next. I am a muslim who hopes that everyone will come to islam like I have, yet I know I am no better than those who have not. I am disgusted by all the racism and fighting in this world. I will strive to teach my children that this not okay nor will be tolerated.

Also I am soooo sick of the whole immigration racist beliefs that any immigrant here is illegal. I have heard all the info about the illegal mexican immigrants running down wages and taking jobs but the thing I am soo confused about is, what would you do if you were in their situation. I dont know about you, but I would be doing my best to come to America too. (funny cause I hate america right now..but you know what what I Why do we ( people in general) hate others who are not like us. Allah has created us all different in hopes that we would learn and love one another. Astighfurallah!!!!!!!! I am disgusted. I am watching a special on ABC, primetime special call "what would you do? " and its about people watching others being mistreated and how bystanders react. The special starts off with a couple of mexican laborers try to go into a cafe and get a cup of coffee. The guy behind the counter refuses to serve them because they dont speak mexican?? wtf. I mean,it was soo disgusting and ignorant. More ignorant were the other customers who cosigned on it by being ignorant too. As the clerk refused to serve the guys, 9 people who came in the store during this ,agreed. Ok so this was an experiment and the cashier and 2 labors were all being taped. Of the 88 people, something like 48 people did nothing. Its so sad. while they didn't openly participate in the racism, they did little to help. 30 people helped and offered to not come back to the restaurant or tried to help them purchase there food. 9 people engaged in the blatant racism, egging the clerk on, saying things like Amen and we speak english in america and this that. The one mexican man cried at then end and said "why do they hate us. why do they treat us like animals??" I cried too and when I called my sis, she was crying. I just feel sooo sad for those are mistreated. It was a special but people are mistreated like this everyday. My friends sister flew into a airport where they refused to serve them at a restaurant and called them terrorist. It was 2 women and 5 children, the women were dressed in hijab and abaya. I mean how terrible is this?? Another friend of mines was in nyc and a indian cab driver called him a nigger. Where does it end. The point is racism is never right no matter who is on the giving end. Its wrong and I am disgusted by it. I thank Allah everyday that I don have a racist bone in my body. I dont think I am better than anyone and I try to live by the golden rule, do unto others as thou shall have others do unto you.

Black white man women muslim jew. whoever. We are all Allah's children and we need to learn how to coexist. I am soo sick of all the fighting and while those mexican men being mistreated is nothing compared to our sisters and brothers in Palestine, its all disheartening, nonetheless.


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