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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reading some of the other sisters blogs lately has resulted in tension. If its not one argument it is another. I am not pointing any fingers, I am just saying that all of this tension and back and forth over various issues is draining. Race, Obama, proper hijab versus non proper hijab, Palestine, Israel, taxes and more.... I will not take part in any of these back and forth type deals because I dont want to be bias to anyone one sister. Then you have everyone else jumping on the band wagon either agreeing or disagreeing and I do understand that your (the bloggers) blog is to vent and say what is on your mind and I support it, freedom of speech ofcourse!

However, Then I feel like if you disagree with someone, the relationship between you and that person changes a little. I can name at least 4 sisters who I may have offended and the reason I think this is because they no longer comment here on my blog. I dont know if everyone is just stressed or what, or if this is just life and its honest to disagree, But I feel as if it has gone beyond disagreeing. I honestly feel like some people have been offended about some of the comments I have left on there pages regarding certain things they have posted, although I try to be careful and leave thoughtful comments which are honest but not offensive. Each persons blog is to express themselves and I am a true believer of this. I think I have lost a few friends as a result and I suppose thats to be expected. Also on another sisters blog I was reading and she wondered if any one reads her blog because of the lack of comments and I told her I understand. I feel as if I am very active in commenting on others blog but I do not receive the same treatment back. This is just an observation,no one is obligated to comment on any ones blog,its just nice if you do so. So I may just take a break in the whole commenting aspect of blogging all together and just continue to read silently like I use too. I like going to everyones blog and commenting but my point is not to offend anyone whatsoever. So considered me silent on any controversial issues and secondly, I may just relax my commenting altogether because I honestly dont feel as if the love is always returned (once again, this is fine as your not obligated to comment on anyones blog and no one makes me comment on their blog, I do it because I want too). I wish serenity would just be returned to the blogger world since the outside world is soo harsh and full of disappointments. Ok I just wanted to get that off my chest.Salaams.


Empress Anisa said...

And yessss, it's NOT your imagination- this has been going on for WEEKS... I can tell you about when it started BUT some may read urs, and it bring up more ill feelings... people should learn to "let it go"... as I've said like a million times before, its okay to agree to disagree but ALOT of people take your diagreeing PERSONAL which they should not- we cant all think the same and its normal to have our own varied views on a subject- some just need to "lighten up" JUST a tad... geesh

Inspired Muslimah said...

Empress Anisa: I agree and I am done with it..btw I think I need your personal email, if you have one. LOL But yeah the tension is thick and it sucks because this use to my place to relax and come read everyones blog s.. I know everyone is allowed to vent but your right, sheesh! I just wish the mood would lighten up.

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Assalamu 'alaykum sis, I know what you mean, I've read a few debates in the comment section of other blogs lately, it's not nice, and it does breed ill feelings towards one another. I don't really take part in these debates, most of the time it just ends up in fitnah.
And your right, not everyone thinks the same way, so when we're blogging, we have to expect someone to leave a comment who may not actually agree with what we wrote, but it shouldn't grow into an online feud.
Btw, always happy to see you leave a comment on my, sorry if I haven't commented often on yours, I'm trying to make more of an effort to write something on those I'm following, daily.

Empress Anisa said...

I know what you mean, same here.., I wanna relax and enjoy reading other people's blogs and jot a few things down on my own from time to time- and the behavior lately really is "childish" and frankly, it sucks!
You can reach me at or for an immediate reply, this one I check a million times a day

hijabee said...

I think people take things too personal sometimes, or blatantly dislike you just because you don't agree on certain things. I've had some sisters stop following my blog or commenting I guess because they did not agree with what I said somewhere or took it personal. If you can't respect other people's opinions, then it's just good riddance to bad garbage! Things like this are why the Ummah can't unite, even virtually the behavior tend to be unislamic. But hey you live, you learn & you earn!

أم ترافيس said...

People are always going to disagree, but we cant all be friends with everyone out there in blogging world. I have had to cut down my private blog list and similarly with the following, I dont always want to advertise all the blogs I am reading. (There are over 100) I dont know if that is wrong or not :( But I dont think so.

I personally dont comment a lot on some peoples blogs because it would just be a lot of disagreeing and that is not nice. That said, I am sorry I happened to miss the post where u were feeling down... but as fer many others, when people write about stuff in America I dont comment because it wouldnt be nice to always be negative, and similarly when people talk about "fluff" I dont comment... anyhow it seems some people take that personally (not you) but I have had many people mention it to me recently. The fact is, I find blogging world kinda boring sometimes, and skim a lot of what I read.

Please forgive me if I offended you :( But I would agree that the WAY some people disagree is really wrong and hurtful and it has happened to me, and I dont like it either.

washi said...

I'm with Umm Travis...I only comment when I really relate...

M.J. said...

Oh my gosh sister, I completely agree. This has been seriously getting on my nerves lately too! There are some sisters that are just at eachothers throats. While sometimes I'd love to comment and just say QUIT IT, I just feel like it will only cause more problems. Besides, it looks like they've all pretty much taken it to a personal level... it's not just a disagreement, it's a, if you don't agree when and how I want I will try my best to humiliate and attack you! Unfortunately these people dont WANT to just let things go and are so concerned with being right and everyone knowing it that it's obnoxious. It's all negative, prideful and unIslamic. :(

Inspired Muslimah said...

Umm Travis: Sis, I honestly wasnt talking about you at all or any sister in particular, I just feel like there is a lot of tension period. I do agree with you on the fact that if you are going to just disagree you may not say anything at all and there are a lot of post I dont comment on if i dont have anything positive to say. I do the same thing. I dont think anyone owes it to another to comment at all,I think what I said may have been misunderstood. And Iam not offended in anyway sis,I am a firm believer of to each its own. You are one of the few sisters I talk to regularly on here so I didnt mean you and I am not offended about you not commenting when I was down. WE all have a lot going on. This post wasnt intended to cause further tension. I just was saying I have noticed a lot of it lately. I am not a petty person, I still continue to follow the blogs I enjoy regardless of it they follow mines. As for the topics I mentioned, I dont think its the post that cause the tension, its the arguing that occurs after. And again, everyone can post what they like and I have never claimed anything different. I just said I wont participate in the arguing that may occur after because I dont want to offend anyone.

أم ترافيس said...

wa alaykum salam sweets :) dont worry it was nothing like that... I wanted to say something for a while, and just couldnt be bothered, but after recent events (a couple other sisters comments to me) and then reading your post I was inspired to write my own post, just to clarify myself (or clear myself lol) of any supposed "wrongdoing"... :) I love u too sweetie -- take it easy ok? Be you and remember we are all human and sensitive at times, but dont let that change who YOU are or what YOU want to do or SAY :)

The Inspired Muslimah inspired me :) Thats all! Mwah!

F said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

i feel if we cant agree to disagree, and let it affect our sisterhood..its not cool at all.

Not all five fingers are the same, and eventhough there might be things i see on blogs i do not agree, i sometimes choose to keep quiet.

As i realise, that there are things i may write. where not everyone will relate to. But nothing is worth, spoiling the sisterhood we share.

As it is there is way too much hate in the world for muslims, as a ummah if we do not stick around together for one another...who will?

Naseeha is something if need to be given sincerely, can be done so through email. We should question our intention and action. I know alot of us, get into the whim of things and just say things out.

But we need to evaluate the consequences as well. prophet S.A.W was always kind to all. Its really hard to see us fellow sisters being kind to one another these days. M no angel..i do have my flaws..this is a reminder to myself first!!!

Anyway, i still owe you that email. LOL !!!

Haniyya_Sturm said...

oopsie...the above(F) is me! the outcome of getting into the whim of things. LOL

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