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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am learning to appreciate the hijab and I just wanted to share this article with sisterwhostruggling to wear hijab and plan on doing it soon, insha'allah. I am happy to learn that all of my prayers,fasting for ramadan, and reading Quran and learning about Allah has not all been in vain, despite my lack of hijab in past. Allah has accepted my prayers and fast,alhamdullilah. This is not to say one should not wear hijab,it obligatory from Allah, however, if your a new muslimah like me and has had trouble accepting it, Allah is all forgiving and most merciful, Allah knows are intentions and just try to do your best to start wearing hijab,but your prayers far have been accepted provided you prayed under the right conditions( wudu,hijab, ect).Some interesting readings from muslimah connection regarding this topic :

What is the Ruling in Islaam concerning the Muslim woman who prays and fasts but does not wear the Hijaab (head cover)?:

Her fast and her prayer are correct and all praise is for Allah. But she must repent for abandoning the wearing of the Hijaab. Disobedience does not invalidate her prayer or her fasting. Not wearing the Hijaab, speaking in a way that is not good like backbiting or slandering then this does not invalidate her prayer but it does decrease her Imaan (faith) and weakens it. She must repent to Allah for that. Likewise the wearing of the Hijaab, not wearing it in front of men is disobedience but her fast is not invalidated nor her prayer. Rather she must repent for it. Not wearing the Hijaab is considered a weakness in Imaan.

Likewise other things such as backbiting the people or doing something from the acts of disobedience, etc all of this is a deficiency and weakness in Imaan.
When she performs the prayer with its conditions and obligations on time then her prayer is correct. Likewise her fasting when she fasts from what is forbidden to her and performs it the way it should be then her fast is valid. When she performs the obligations but then she does some forms of disobedience there is deficiency in her act of fasting such as backbiting, lying and the like. It is a deficiency in her fasting and weakness in her religion.


Empress Anisa said...

Great post, sis! See, you taught me something I did not know (that your prayers are accepted without you wearing your hijab daily).
Be strong my sister, everything will fall into place, InshaAllah!

Inspired Muslimah said...

Empress Anisa: Insha'allah sister! thanks! I learned something new also.

Anonymous said...

ASA sister, I am also struggling with wearing hijab and I so appreciate your post here. Insha'Allah I will find the strength and courage to go for it..Thanks

Inspired Muslimah said...

Malek :Salams sis, yes I understand completely and I still struggle with this myself. Insha'allah we will both improve with this and please Allah!

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