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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend in the windy city

I am in chicago for the weekend and I heard there is a little section of town that sells alls arabic and islamic clothes,alhamdullilah, I am soo excited. I cant wait to go see what they have. I am staying at the beautiful hilton hotel on michigan avenue overlooking downtown, miles of shopping , the beautiful lake masha'allah (though frozen). I have been watching the news since I got here yesterday afternoon to keep up with the situation in Gaza and Iam sad that it has not improved. I am going to visit the masjid down the street and will take a picture or two from the outside as well as I will take pics on the street with all the islamic stores,which I will post,insha'allah. Chicago is soo beautiful and diverse! Its so nice to see a blend of all the different cultures coexisting!! The weather is actually decent, like high 30 f. Not bad since the last time I was here, it was blizzarding.I am going to go get dressed, stop by the masjid, and go onto the islamic stores and I will definitely report back. I hope to purchase so new hijabs,underscarves, maybe an abaya,a prayer rugs, and prayer beads..and what else I can not put down. LOL. I am on the 25 floor of the hotel and you can everything! Including all those million dollar lofts across the street, I mean, I can see into their living room!! Also, there are soo many muslims here! Yay!!!


Haniyya_Sturm said...

Assalamualaikum sis !!!

woweeeee, you are here in chicago? How cool is that!!! I am based here in IL too. Try going down to Devon ave, there are islamic bookstores there. Some sell hijabs too ! =)

Inspired Muslimah said...

Sis, that is awesome! I am not in chicago but I will be going back soon insha'allah so I will definitely check out Devon ave.

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